Six Signs of a Modern Gentleman

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Has the gentleman of yore disappeared from the world, belonging to a bygone era? Not at all. While not every man is a gentleman, when he is, everyone, young and old, male and female, appreciates and respects him. Here’s how to be a gentleman in the modern age.

Good Manners

Good manners will never go out of fashion, although they may be rarer nowadays. The man who gives up his seat for a pregnant or elderly person, who opens the door for others, who greets people politely is to be treasured. He knows that a woman can open the car door for herself, but he shows her respect by doing it for her. A lady will wait to see if the man displays this sign of good manners before getting out.

A gentleman is always on time, showing that he respects your time and his. He does not overstay his welcome and bids his hosts a proper farewell. His wallet is always on him, and he pays for his share. He tips waitrons and thanks them for their service. Nobody is beneath him.

Good Grooming

A gentleman is well-groomed. This means that he dresses appropriately for every occasion, is clean, and smells fantastic. His hair and beard are neat and suit his face. This means visiting a barber such as this men’s barbers Walsall at least once a month and keeping his facial hair and head tidy every day. His clothing is wrinkle-free and freshly laundered. Good grooming shows self-respect. You cannot respect others if you haven’t cultivated it in yourself.


A gentleman is courageous. He will stand up for someone who is being bullied. When someone says something politically incorrect, he will politely set the record straight. While he will not look for fights and prefer diplomacy, he will also not ignore what is blatantly wrong.

Kindness and Compassion

The hallmark of a true gentleman is how he treats others. Before marrying a man, a woman should see how he treats animals, children, and his mother. This is the golden rule for finding a worthy man. He is never cruel or unkind, does not speak unjustly or falsely, and understands that a woman is his equal. So, he will support her dreams and choices and never try to dominate her.


A gentleman is always ready to take a protective stance for those he cares for, as well as others who need his strength. He will have an umbrella, spare jacket, and lap blanket in his car. This ensures that he can offer warmth to his date, wife, or child, and keep them dry when the weather necessitates. He will take off his jacket to cover them when it is cold. A gentleman walks on the kerb side of the road, keeping his companions safe from cars.

Listening Skills

A gentleman has excellent listening skills and listens more than he speaks, He is attentive and remembers what he has been told. His responses are courteous and appropriate.

By far the majority of women prefer a gentleman to an uncouth and selfish one.


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