Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Hard to Buy For Children

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What do you buy the child that has everything? It’s a hard enough question to answer without actually being the person who has to do the buying. We’ve all been in that position, and whether it is our own children or close friends and family, the issue is difficult to overcome. The list below has five thoughtful ideas that think outside of the box, to spark inspiration and hopefully provide resolution to gift giving grievances.

A Tablet

Plenty of Kids Tablet options from sites like Lenovo are a suitable, fun, and diverse present to receive for any child of any age. Children as young as two get enjoyment out of tech devices like tablets largely owing to the abundance of apps to pick from and the added entertainment factors like streaming TV and movies. Aside from this, tablets are undeniably educational which makes them a multipurpose champion present in the eyes of any kid or, presumably, parent as well.

An Experience

It may sound cheesy, but giving time is one of the most valuable things you could offer a child. As an adult, it is rare to slow down and take a breather so sharing a magical memory with a loved one is a symbiotic offering. If you need inspiration for an experience style gift, it could be any of the following.

*  cinema trip or a foodie outing

* A theme park (for the older ones)

* A beach day

* A pamper day

* A hot air balloon ride

* A trip to the zoo or local wildlife reserve

* A day trip to a big city

This list does not cover all the options out there, but it is sure to get the ideas rolling. Look for vouchers and promotions to get the best value for money, and book everything in advance.

A New Outfit

A new outfit is always welcome, especially considering how fast children grow! Take this one step further by incorporating a shopping experience with your little one to make the experience autonomous for them, and nurture the relationship between you at the same time.

Adopt an Animal

Chances are the child you are trying to buy for has a favourite animal, so why not adopt it for them? The process is fairly simple and you get to do a good deed in the process by donating money to a worthy cause. Lots of credible animal charity companies offer this service and wrap it up with a nice bow to gift it forward.


Lessons may not seem like a typical occasion present, but they can be fun when coupled with a specific area of interest. For example, horse lovers may be overjoyed at the prospect of a few horse lessons accompanied by yourself. Or, why not do something entirely different and hit the slopes for a snowboarding experience? A diverse range of options are out there to explore and it might just be the most memorable present they’ve received so far.

The thought behind a gift often counts more than the thing itself so, don’t overthink it!


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