Action Heroes Police HQ playset and figures review

Action Heroes Police HQ playset and figures review

Product sent in return for an honest review

Launching this Summer, Action Heroes are a brilliant new collectable range from Flair Toys. Children can swap the heads and body pieces of each figure, creating their own unique characters to play alongside fun playsets and action vehicles.

The boys were sent the Action Heroes Police HQ playset, the Police segway set and a twin figure set containing a super hero and a football player.

There are different playsets and action vehicles available in the Action Heroes range, and as well as the cool Rescue series there are also dinosaur themed playsets and figures. You could collect toys from both ranges to create a unique Action Heroes world.

The Police HQ comes with over 30 pieces, including a two figures ( a Police officer and a criminal) Some of the parts need to be clipped on before play but it was easy enough to do – the instructions are illustrated and concise. I did find sticking the stickers on a little annoying, it’s one of my pet hates with children’s toys.

As well as the 2 figures, the playset comes with an array of Police themed accessories such as handcuffs, key, walkie-talkie, weapons, megaphone, dynamite and a chainsaw. The play set is set over 3 floors and has a heliport and a jail which features an alarm with lights and sounds, to see and hear if the prisoners are trying to escape!

It’s not just the figures that are multi use, the HQ is also a laboratory filled with everything you need to create a secret potion (test tube, pot, acid, venom potion, jar, skull potion, tube, microscope, book and laptop).

Little E absolutely loves the brightly coloured figures. They’re just the right size for small hands and he’s obsessed with the pop and swap heads and body pieces.  He can mix and match the pieces to create new combinations, basically the more figures you have collect, the more characters you can create.

The figures are made from a robust, flexible plastic and the arms can be moved. The figures have little holes in their hands so they can hold things like guns and handcuffs and any of the other accessories they come with.

A lot of the accessories that come with the playsets and figures are quite small so I would definitely recommend using a container to store them in. Unless you enjoy picking them out of the vacuum of course.

Little E loves the jail on the bottom floor of the Police HQ playset, EVERYBODY has been locked in that jail cell, repeatedly.

Little E loves creating little scenes and making the figures chat to each other. The ejector switch on the top floor has taken some hammering too, he loves flipping the figures and accessories all over the room.

He’s been particularly impressed by the Police segway and loves whizzing it around the floor and chasing the criminals.

We’ve been impressed with the Action Heroes toys. They’re well made, the swappable faces makes it feel like you get more for your money and we love that you can collect more pieces if you want too.






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