Brainstorm Toys ‘My Very Own Cloud’ Review

My Very Own Cloud sent in return for an honest review

I’m a huge fan of toys that encourage children to learn and that’s one of the reasons we like Brainstorm Toys. They have a great range of toys that are fun but also educational. My youngest was recently sent the ‘My Very Own Cloud’ which is clever light with three different modes.

My Very Own Cloud is a lovely 3 in 1 light which can be used with both noise and/or light. It’s made from durable plastic and lights up brightly. It ‘s ideal as a nightlight or a sensory light.

The main part of the light is white and in the shape of a cloud, the stand part of the light is clear which makes the cloud look like it is floating when it is illuminated.

It’s extremely easy to use, it requires 3 x AA batteries in the compartment underneath which is accessed using a screwdriver. The black switch on the front allows you to switch between the three different modes.

My Very Own Cloud has three different modes of use –

* The first setting is the sound of gentle rain which is very calming and relaxing. It is ideal for children or adults like like white noise when going to sleep. As well as playing the rain sounds, there LED lights changed colour.

* The second setting is lights only. This setting has no sound, the lights continuously change colour.

* The last setting is the sounds of thunder with lightening effect lights. It would make addition to a sensory or play room.

My 3 year old loves the rain noise and the colour changing lights. I think the only thing Brainstorm are missing is the option to have just a static white light. It would be great to keep a white light illuminated all the time so it could be used as a night light to keep on during the night.

We’ve been impressed by the ‘My Very Own Cloud’. It’s a cute light which is fun and interesting for younger children. It’s also a great way to introduce different types of weather.

We bought our eldest My Very Own Moon at Christmas which is from the same range at Brainstorm Toys. It’s used every night at bedtime instead of a night light as it has an auto shut of mechanism to preserve battery life.

The light looks realistic and is well made. It hangs on the wall at the side of his bed and he enjoys using the remote to change the 12 illuminated lunar phases.

It looks impressive on the wall, especially when it’s completely dark in the rest of the room.

We’re huge fans of Brainstorm toys and love their educational and interactive STEM toys. They incorporate science, technology, engineering and maths and help to encourage children to explore and develop a passion for these subjects.


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