Three Effective Ways of Spicing Up Your Small Living Room

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Despite its size, the living room remains to be an essential space in every home. Apart from being your number one relaxation spot, it also serves as a space where you welcome visitors and spend most of the time as a family. 

Your living room naturally speaks volumes about you and your family. The truth is one can vividly tell the mood in your home by observing the atmosphere portrayed by your living space. 

If space creation were dependent on the role played by a given area, the living room would be the biggest. However, this is not the reality in most homes, as many people live in houses with very tiny living rooms. 

Regardless of your living room size, you need to find a way to arrange it to be neat and welcoming. You can, for example, consider incorporating the following three ideas to spice up your small space. 

Take Advantage of Mirrors

It needs the best of your creativity to add coziness to your small living room area. The easiest way around such a space is to use mirrors to magnify and brighten it. For example, mirrored coffee tables placed strategically in your living room will go a long way in making it spacious and roomier than traditional wooden coffee tables. 

This results from the fact that mirrored surfaces are naturally reflective, which helps open up your small space. 

Get the Right Furniture

The kind of furniture you have in your living room could be the reason why the place is looking much smaller than it is naturally. Living comfortably in a small space requires that you constantly get rid of unused things and invest in small-scale furniture. Now is the right time to resell what you no longer need in your living room and downsize your sofa for armless chairs, which are backless and straightforward, thus taking up less space.  

Make it a rule to ensure that the furniture in your living room earns its space. You should, for instance, invest in chairs with built-in storage to help you store your extras. Moreover, avoid bulky cabinets that take up so much space instead of hanging shelves for your storage needs. 

When choosing your living room furniture, opts for those with dark colors to give depth to the room. 

Decorate the Room With Indoor Plants

Apart from beautifying the home and purifying the air inside, plants work magic in helping you keep calm and away from stress. It is a known fact that a home with plants is a happy home. 

For an easy time with your small space, opt for plants that can remain contained within their pots. An excellent example of such a plant is the Snake Plant that has a narrow structural shape. Hanging plants is another great option for smaller living room spaces. 

Moreover, ensure to grow the plants in groupings to avoid cluttering the room. Another idea is to place the plants on your windowsills, bookshelves, or that idle corner in your house that cannot fit any furniture. Such a move will help save floor space and add texture and character. 


Though not privileged to own a vast living room space, you can make use of what you have by arranging it neatly and getting the right furniture. Incorporate the above recommendations in spicing up your most important room in your house.


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