How to Prepare Your Home for the Perfect Family Christmas


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Christmas is so much better with children around. Magic, mystery and excitement engulf the atmosphere all day long. Once that first chocolate from the advent calendar is eaten on the 1st of December, the festivity grows and grows with each passing day until its almost too much to handle. Every parent wants their children to have the most enchanting Christmas possible, so here are some ideas to make sure your home is ready for a perfect family Christmas that you won’t forget!

Clean and Clutter

First, tackle the less thrilling elements of Christmas. You’ll thank yourself later. It’s so much more difficult to try and clean around all the decorations, cards, lights and trees, so get it done before you begin. Doing a deep clean before the festivities start means you will only have light cleaning jobs to do throughout the Christmas period, giving you more time and less stress. Getting rid of unwanted and unused items now is perfect to make space for all the new toys and treats that are going to be unwrapped on the day!

Cosy Up

Christmas is the time to cuddle up with the family, drink hot chocolates and play board games. Making your house the perfect cosy hub is essential for the cold winter months. Treat the whole family to some fluffy Christmas pyjamas, buy some festive blankets, and strategically place some scented candles around the house (out of reach of children and pets, obviously). If candles are a little too risky in your household, you can buy plug in festive scents like pine tree and cinnamon. But the centre piece of a cosy Christmas room is obviously having the perfect fireplace from fireplace shops London to create the perfect snuggly haven.

Stock the Cupboards

Oh, why not, it’s Christmas! The perfect excuse for everything and anything. Christmas is a time to treat yourself and your family, so stock up those cupboards with all of their favourite things! Some forward food thinking could help you massively here. You don’t want to be thinking about what to eat over the Christmas period, so make sure you pick up everything for the big day itself, and your normal family breakfast foods and other essentials at the same time. This way, you can relax in front of the tele to watch Christmas films too!

Decorate, Decorate and Decorate More!

Now for the fun part! Get everyone involved. The Christmas tree is always the best place to start, and do not do things in half measures. The tree needs all the lights, baubles, chocolates and, if you’re feeling creative, you could have a go at making your own decorations too. Lights are essential, and there are so many perfect places to put them: in the windows, over doorways, up the banister, round the fireplace – use your imagination. Why not go the extra mile and repurpose the spare room into Santa’s little grotto complete with elves, sledges and snow! It’s time for you to take the reins and create a winter wonderland for the family to enjoy.



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