Degustabox – March

Degustabox – March

I was recently given the opportunity to try out a monthly subscription box called Degustabox. The monthly box is delivered straight to your door and contains a wide variety of tasty food from a range of different brands. The retail value of the products is much more than the monthly fee of £12.99 and it gives you the chance to try out new and unique products. Each monthly you’ll be sent between 9-14 different products, all of which are a complete surprise until you open up your box.

Degustabox costs £12.99 a month, which includes delivery. There is no fixed contract involved and you can cancel at any time. 

Degustabox contents for March

My book arrived jam packed with goodies. including drinks, chocolates, cereal and jelly sweets. There was something for every family member.

Kents Kitchen – Posh Noodles – £1.75
These were completely new to me, both brand and product. They’re a quick and simple to make snack that is made with natural ingredients and is low in fat and calories. They’re ideal to take to work as you only need boiling water to make them. The boodles didn’t have a lot of flavour but they were nice with a little Soy sauce added. 
Crabbies – Fruits alcoholic drinks – £1.50
I was intrigued by these as unlike other Crabbies drinks, they contain no ginger. There are three new flavours in the range :- black cherry, zesty lemon and raspberry and rhubarb. I was sent two to try out. Both were fruity and refreshing. They’re be a great addition to a summer BBQ poured over ice. They contain 10% natural fruit juice and are only 4% alcohol so won’t knock your socks off. I’m going to try and pick up the zesty lemon flavour when I’m out shopping next. 
Jordans – Lighter Granola £3.69
I love granola and muesli for breakfast  but I know it’s not the healthiest breakfast choice. The lighter variety contains 40% less than the standard Jordans Granola but tastes just as nice. It’s full of strawberries and blueberries and even turns the milk purple. I really like the taste and will definitely be buying this again. 
Juiceburst juice – £1.25 each
I’m a huge fan of Juiceburst drinks and tend to pick them up at petrol stations for car journeys. I’d never tried either of the flavours sent from Degustabox so I was looking forward to giving them a try. Both were fruity and refreshing and perfect for the summer weather.
Bayrishe Art – BBQUE sauce – £3.99
This is available in four different flavours, the one we were sent was the original variety. I love it. It’s not smoky liked some BBQ sauces. It’s light and tasty and perfect for marinades or dipping. It’s probably one of the best BBQ sauces I’ve tried. 
It’s gorgeous on salmon and drizzled over Feta cheese. We’ve also had it with tortilla chips dipped into it, it’s such a versatile sauce. 
Lindt – Lindor mini eggs – £2
My Degustabox contained two packets of these little beauties. They consist of milk, dark and white chocolate eggs made from delicious Lindt chocolate. The perfect way to celebrate Easter. 
Bassetts – Jelly Babies Berry Mix – £1.48
The berry flavour jelly babies have always been my favourites so I was a little excited to see a packet filled with them! The blackcurrant, raspberry and strawberry jelly babies are so tasty, they remind me of being young and sharing a packet with my grandad. 
Maynards – Sour Patch Kids – £1
Another packet of sweets that I like. I’m not a fan of really tangy sweets so these are perfect, they have a slight tang but are sweet and juicy. A good sized bag, perfect for sharing round at work (or eating all yourself). 
Green Tea with Mandarin and Ginseng
I told myself I’d hate this as I’m not usually a fan of any type of tea. I was actually very pleasantly surprised as it was fruity and really refreshing. It didn’t taste like tea at all. 
Natvia sweetener – £2
A sweetener I’d never heard of that contains Zero calories and is made from 100% natural sources, it’s perfect. It can be used in tea and coffee but also in baking and cooking. 
Brioche Pasquier Baked Bread Bites – 50p
Two packets of these were included in our box. Hubby loved them as a crispy snack and said the bacon flavour was really tasty. I tried them dropped into the top of some tomato soup and thought they also made tasty croutons. They are low in saturated fat, free from artificial colours, flavours and preservatives too. 
The total retail value of the Degustabox this month is £22.41 so the £12.99 subscription fee is great value. To find out more about Degustabox check out their social media channels and website

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