PAJ POWER Finder 4G GPS Tracker Review

The PAJ POWER Finder 4G tracker was sent in return for an honest review

Unfortunately, car crime is a pretty common occurrence nowadays. Whilst it may not prevent you being a victim of car crime, a GPS tracking device can be an affordable and effective way to offer peace of mind and increase security for your vehicle.

Do I need a GPS Tracker?

A GPS tracker can be a great tool to have in many situations. The tracker can track ANYTHING you want so it’s a great way of monitoring your belongings or loved ones at any time. It is a great way to monitor valuable objects like vehicles or property that can be moved easily. The GPS tracker can help provide an up to date location for your item if it is stolen or lost which could help the Police to recover it. It can also be used to track those who are vulnerable like newly independent children or the elderly.

Who are PAJ?

One of the leading European brands in GPS tracker devices, PAJ GPS sell a range of tracker devices that work alongside a finder portal configuration to keep an eye on your vehicle, valuables or even your loved ones. Whatever you decide to track, PAJ use a single finder portal which can be viewed on your computer or mobile phone.

The PAJ POWER Finder 4G

We were kindly sent the PAJ POWER Finder 4G to try out.

In the box you can expect to find –

PAJ GPS Power Finder 4G

Charger (including a cable and USB wall plug)

M2M SIM card

PAJ GPS Portal FINDER (subscription required)

It is very easy to install ( you can do this yourself, it doesn’t need to be done professionally). The tracker has a very strong magnet built in which will fasten to a metallic surface.

We put ours in the boot of the car, we have a little alcove above the lights with a removeable front. We’ve out the PAJ POWER Finder 4G in there and covered it back over.

It hasn’t moved about or shifted and seems pretty secure. The tracker is black so does blend in with your vehicle well, it could also be place under a seat or in an alcove without being too noticeable.

The battery life on the PAJ POWER Finder 4G is brilliant. It should last around 40 days when it is actively tracking or 90 days if it is in standby mode. You can check the battery life whenever you like via the app. We set a reminder on our phones to charge the tracker once a month, it’s worked well for us and ensured we’ve never come close to losing power completely.

Setting up the PAJ GPS POWER Finder

I found the PAJ POWER Finder 4G very easy to set up. I am the least technical person but everything was pretty straight forward. Before putting the tracker in your car, you need to ensure it has charged for at least 8 hours via the USB charger. The first time we charged it, I charged it overnight to ensure the battery was completely full.

While the device was charging I registered the device on the Paj Finder Portal which was easy enough to do.

How does the tracker work?

The PAJ POWER Finder 4G uses an M2M SIM card which connects to local 4G networks globally, so you will always know where it is, even if there isn’t any GPS signal being received. The app has a live tracking function so you can see the location of your vehicle instantly. This updates every 30 seconds unless the tracker changes direction in which case it updates immediately which would be extremely helpful if the Police were pursuing your stolen vehicle and you were able to pass accurate updates to them.

The tracker has the option to set up a geofence zone so the tracker won’t send you alerts in a certain area e.g your daily commute or regular trips to the shops!

PAJ is equipped with a Shock-Sensor. If the Finder is moved, you will receive an alarm via app and email which might indicate someone is trying to remove the PAJ POWER Finder 4G.

The PAJ POWER Finder 4G has the capacity to store a years worth of data. including your average speed, distance and route information. This is very clever and would be a great supporting tool if you were accused of being involved in a fictitious accident.

To get the Finder to work with the tracker, you will need to chose one of the PAJ their subscription options: £89.99 every 2 years, £54.99 yearly or £5.99 per month and download the app to your phone or laptop.

We’ve been really impressed by the quality and accuracy of the PAJ POWER Finder 4G. It has offered reassurance  and has been so easy to set up and use. It’s definitely something we will keep using, moving forward.

There’s a handy link on their website where you can view the manuals for all of their products.





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