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I purchased this yesterday for the bargain price of £3.99 at Home Bargains. It retails at £19.99!

After a little sit in the garden in the sun todayI decided I had to try this, I think I may have actually been dreaming about it last night, I’m always on the hunt for something to rectify the damage I’ve caused to my hair. I dye my hair regularly and have been every colour imaginable and pretty much every style, which in turn has caused lots of damage to my hair, add regular straightening to the mix and I’m a hairdressers worst nightmare!

What Charles
Worthington claims it does –
Restore dry, damaged
and fragile hair with this salon-inspired hair repair treatment. Enriched with
our unique Renovoil Complex™, it is scientifically
proven to strengthen hair and reduce breakage by 93%, giving you
stunningly silky hair, all from the comfort of your own home
suitable for all hair types
and colours
apply treatment once a week
for maximum results
Initially I thought this would be
a faff, I realised from looking at the box in the shop it was a three stage
treatment. Now although I love my hair to look nice I get annoyed messing on
with it. I’m a shampoo and conditioner kind of girl. I tend to stick a little
bit of serum on my dry ends when I dry and straighten it but that’s about it.
So I thought this kit may be time consuming and a little bit annoying, but
regardless I bought it, as the promises it makes were pretty impressive.



Step 1)

Hair repair oil.
This looks like a normal dry end serum or frizz
tamer. It has a pump action dispenser and you squirt it out into your hand
before applying to the ends and lengths of your hair – stay well away from the
roots. Now be careful with this as its dead runny. I found it very watery until
I’d rubbed it between my hands.
I could have probably used more than I did, as I
only ended up giving my hair a rough coating of product, but I did end up running a
comb through it to distribute it a little more evenly.
Whack it up in a little plastic shower cap and
leave for 10 minutes. After the 10 minutes is up rinse the oil out of your

Step 2)

Strength and Repair Shampoo
Like normal shampoo, lather and rinse. To me this
felt like normal shampoo, it made my hair feel clean but the smell could have
been nicer.
Step 3)

Intensive Hair repair Masque

Once the first two steps are complete you then have
to apply the final masque to your hair, and leave on for a further 5 minutes
before rinsing thoroughly. The masque isn’t a very thick consistency. I
expected a really heavy thick treatment masque, whereas this felt more like a
normal after shampoo condition.


After I’d
dried my hair it did feel soft and smooth but not quite what I expected. I
truly expected my hair to feel completely different and really tamed. Although
this did make a noticeable difference it wasn’t as impressive as I’d hoped or
imagined. My hair felt smooth too touch but still a little dry at the ends, to
finish it off properly I did use a tiny little bit of smoothing serum for the
ends of my hair before running the straighteners over it.

The packet suggests there are about 5
treatments in the kit but think you’d definitely get more as you can barely see
where I have touched either the oil or the masque, and you could probably get
away with using a different shampoo if you run out. I’d also expected a much
nicer long lasting scent from this. I usually find treatment masques and
intensive conditioners have a to die for smell, unfortunately this didn’t.

I wouldn’t pay the full price of
£19.99 for this. I don’t think the improvement to my hair was enough to justify
that. I would probably pick up another if I saw it for £3.99 – a treatment masque
alone usually costs more than that.


 Excuse my strange manic smile!


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