Review – Ceridwen’s Cauldron

Review – Ceridwen’s Cauldron
Now and again I will try something that hubby suggests or brings home (have I mentioned that he works for Lush. He recently brought me a Ceridwen’s Cauldron luxury bathmelt home. I’m suffering from severe SPD so anything to help relax or reduce the pain is greatly appriciated, and being in a warm bath does seem to reduce the pain for a short while. It’s also recommended for people with dry skin and unfortunately I’m one of those people. In the winter my skin gets really dry and flaky, particularly on my face, so I’d hoped this could kill two birds with one stone.
Caridwen’s Cauldrom is a bath melt, so you drop it in your bath, while it melts away into the water. It comes in a muslin wrap, and you just chuck it in the bath the way it comes.
Once it has all melted, you can use the remaining oats and herbs in the muslin
bag as a gentle exfoliant, it’s perfect for using on the bits that are prone to dry skin like your knees and elbows.

The bathmelt is scented with mix of vanilla, cocoa butter, oatmeal and also has a whiff of flowers. It’s a pleasant smell and not too overpowering.

To be honest my bath water didn’t look much different, which is pretty unusual for Lush. The muslin parcel gave off a milky colour and lightly scented the water. I used the bag to rub over my face once the melt had melted, the muslin cloth exfoliated my skin and made it feel super soft and smoth afterwards, getting rid of the the flaky bits on my forehead.

I really liked this, but more as a face mask or exfoliator rather than a bath melt. I would purchase it again but I’d keep it as a treat as I do think £4.25 is a little steep for a single bath.


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