PetShopBowl pet food delivery service

PetShopBowl pet food delivery service

Petshopbowl is a UK based nationwide home delivery subscription service for pet food. Basically they’re a big pet superstore with a massive selection of choice, who also deliver the items straight to your door. They’re perfect for those who don’t have cars and would have to carry heavy tins of dog food on the bus, those who can’t get out and about to buy pet products and also for those who simply cannot be bothered to go to the supermarket, fill the trolley and then transport everything home. They offer free delivery for all orders over £19.99. They stock a variety of different brands including Wagg and James Wellbeloved.

Once an order is placed, they then send you a delivery confirmation via email, stating that your order will be sent out with DPD and on which specific date, following that you’re then sent a further email with an hourly window for your delivery time (and they even tell you your delivery drivers name). I absolutely love this. There’s nothing worse than waiting in all day for a delivery coming between 9am – 6pm. With an hourly window you can get on with your life!

No despite the effective hourly delivery window I still managed to miss my delivery. Oops. Then came another email, telling me that my lovely neighbour had taken the package in, his house number and even his name. Could delivery be any more efficient?!

They very kindly sent my little hairy friend, Archie some goodies to try.

He was sent Canagan chicken flavoured dry dog food. A dry chicken flavoured dog food for smaller breeds of dogs.

Archie loves these, which considering he’s such a picky eater is great! We’re going to purchase some more of these when the bags been eaten.

Some tasty Dentastix. Dental chews that have plaque and tartar fighting ingredients.

Archie Loves Dentastix, we buy them already. He loves once to chew on an evening. They’re great for cleaning his teeth and getting rid of any build up on his teeth.

A fun Kong rubber toy. A super-bouncy, red natural rubber toy that can be filled with treats.

This is a new one for us. We’ve never tried any Kong toys before. Archie wasn’t too sure initially, then he realised there was a treat inside. He lost interest a little once he’d got the treat out though. That’s probably because he’s a lazy old fella now.

Burns Kelties Dog Treats. Natural biscuit treats for your dog made with brown rice, chicken and ocean fish.

These were another hit, and very large for treats. Archie was impressed, though they’re a bit stinky!

For more information about PetshopBowl check them out on Facebook.

I’ve checked out the prices and they are quite a bit cheaper than the supermarket we buy Archie’s food from, plus it’s delivered right to your door! We’ll definitely order with them in future.

*Archie was kindly sent some treats to write about the company*



  1. 9th April 2014 / 4:45 pm

    Kong's are the best, keeps my dog occupied for hours and because he's so small we got the smaller size one and still takes him ages, 🙂



  2. 10th April 2014 / 9:25 pm

    i can't find any toys to keep my dog entertained ugh haha x

  3. 11th April 2014 / 12:37 am

    I reviewed petshopbowl recently and was equally impressed it's nice to read they suit dogs as well as my cats!


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