Busy Life? How to Thrive Not Just Survive

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Life is so busy and hectic that you can often feel that you have neglected to spend enough time with your family and loved ones. There are so many demands on your time that you often feel like you are spinning plates just to survive, but you want to thrive – you want to be able to be the best version of you.


The only way you can get clarity about life is if you stop what you are doing and be still. Your brain acts like a muscle and gets tired. You need to give yourself the opportunity to sit and do nothing. As your brain relaxes, you’ll realise that your thoughts are clearer and that you think with purpose. The brain fog will lift.

Investing time to be still is crucial for your brain to be able to recover from being constantly used, and it will give you the opportunity to meditate. However, the practice of meditation can seem intimidating, so don’t pressure yourself into trying it until you have got used to being still. There are some fantastic resources online that can help you learn how to meditate and be mindful.

Designate time each day that you can exclusively use to be still. This could be while you are in the bath, for ten minutes before you get into bed, sat in the car waiting to pick your child up from school – quiet time is achievable!


Everybody needs goals to motivate and inspire them, and while you may usually associate goals to do with business, personal goals are important. When you are feeling overwhelmed, it can be easy to feel like you are on the hamster wheel, just turning up to life rather than living it. This is why having goals are so important; they give you direction.

What do you want to achieve in this life? What do you want to achieve this year? What do you want to achieve today? By thinking about where you want to be, you’ll be able to picture how to get there. You now have a plan.


Do you reward your children for their actions to encourage good behaviour? Chances are high that you do, it’s a great way to motivate them to keep doing well, but do you apply this principle to yourself?

You need something to look forward to, to act as a motivation to continue and to reward yourself for your efforts. A holiday is the ideal way to reward you and your family for their hard work. It’s a time to relax and escape the pressures of the daily slog. A break from the norm in a luxurious holiday rental like these here by Amberley House Cottage Holidays means that you can avoid airport and travel stress and just get on with relaxing.

It’s so easy to neglect your own sense of wellbeing while you are raising a family and working hard; however, it is perhaps the most important nurturing that you need to do! Take time out of your day to be still, reflect and rejuvenate. Identify what your goals are and celebrate your achievements along the journey – this is your time to thrive!


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