Christmas 2014 : The Christmas Boutique

Christmas 2014 : The Christmas Boutique
Now that it’s November I feel I can officially start talking about Christmas. I’m rather excited for the festivities this year. It will be the little mans first one and for a very rare change, I’m off work! We’re having our first family Christmas this year, I’m going (god help us) to cook Christmas dinner for the first time and it’s just going to be the three of us all day. 
My intention is to make the atmosphere in our house as festive as possible and go all out for his first Christmas. He won’t appreciate the presents but he will enjoy the sensory aspect of the decorations. The little man loves anything brightly coloured so I’m looking forward to decking the house with twinkling fairy lights and shimmering decorations.
To kick off my Christmas plans I was recently sent a selection of beautiful decorations from the lovely people at The Christmas Boutique*, an online company selling very reasonably priced and very beautiful festive decorations.
Decorative Owl Ornament with Wood Look Effect – £12.99
I love owls, and they have no become the gift of choice for people buying for me, so Christmas owls are even better! Although this has a wood effect it feels ceramic. I really like it, it’s really cute and not too over the top. 
Set of Three White Honeycomb Christmas Tree Hanging Decorations – £6.99
The paper hanging trees are simple but look fab in the right setting. As there’s three of them, I’ll probably hang them along the window frame in our living room and wind in some LED white lights. 
Silver Snowflake Christmas Tree Topper Decoration – £12.99
I think this a bargain. It’s really good quality and has a lovely Nordic feel about it. Hubby and I bought something a little like this when we went to Iceland but it got damaged. This will make a lovely change to the top of our tree this year. 
These two little penguin are cute little fellas but not necessarily to my personal taste. They’re sturdy and will sit nicely on a ledge or windowsill as well as hanging from your tree. I have a friend who is a little obsessed with penguins so they’ll be moving to her house soon.  
I was a little confused by this initially as it comes without water. You have to fill it with water and re secure the lid. It took a while to get the lid flush again as the glitter gets down into the grooves. It does look very pretty when you shake it though. I love snow globes but this ones shabby chic jam jar container reall gives it an unusual and vintage feel. 
Hanging Wooden Silhouette Stags Head Christmas Wall Art – £22.99
The stags head doesn’t look very festive as it is but it would look great with red lights entwined for a festive feel.  As it happens, this has actually make it’s home on my upstairs landing. I took a picture down and this has filled it’s space nicely. It looks great against our green walls.
I’m really impressed with the products I was sent. They’re well made, very pretty and perfect for Christmas 2014!
The Christmas Boutique offers a wide range of gorgeous Christmas decorations to suit a variety of different tastes and budgets. They regularly have discounts and offers on so keep an eye out for all your Christmas decorations. 


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