Preparing for guests over the festive period

Preparing for guests over the festive period

I can’t imagine there’s many people who don’t find Christmas stressful. It’s such a hectic season with so much going on. The Christmas shopping, endless parties and constant stream of friends and family at the door. 

I love the festive period, the cheesy Christmas films on TV, the tasty food and of course the presents but I do get a little stressed by the constant flow of visitors who descend on the house and ensuring the house is clean and tidy. I sometimes find worrying about visitors takes the fun out of the festivities for me. 

Here are some of my suggestions for preparing for visitors over Christmas


The more people there are in your home the more cramped it will feel. You can make areas seem bigger and calmer by removing rubbish, unnecessary items or even things that take up a lot of space. Temporarily moving the coffee table to the garage will allow floor space, especially if you’re holding a party.


Don’t do what I do, panic clean 10 minutes before your guests arrive. Clean your house during the run up to Christmas so you don’t have to spend Christmas Eve hoovering or with your hand down the toilet. 

Prepare the spare room

If like us your spare room is used more as a dumping ground than a bedroom, give it a clean and get it ready for guests. Clean towels and a comfortable guest bed ensure your guests are more likely to return. Whilst you might not anticipate guests staying over there tends to be one who just won’t leave or who has had one sherry too many.

Have plenty of food

If you’re feeding your guests make sure you have plenty of food for them. It’s worth checking in advance for any allergies or dislikes.


It’s your Christmas too! Take the time to sit and relax. Try not to get stressed if things don’t go to plan. Chances are, your guests won’t even notice.

And remember … you’re not running a five star hotel, it’s your home and your guests have come to see you, not how clean your skirting boards are!

Do you have any other tips for preparing for guests?

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