My bargain hair find – Oz Botanics shampoo and conditioner

My bargain hair find – Oz Botanics shampoo and conditioner

I was picking up some washing up liquid in Savers last week and knew we were a little short of shampoo, so I had a quick look at the shelves. I picked up a bottle of our usual Herbal Essence shampoo but I was also drawn to the Oz Botanics shampoo and conditioner, more than likely because they’re only £1 for a 400ml bottle!

I picked up a bottle of each, you really can’t go wrong for £2 for 800ml of product!

When I saw them name I instantly thought it was an Aussie knock off, and to be honest it pretty much is. It smells very much like bubblegum and even the product itself doesn’t look too dissimilar. 

The shampoo creates a nicer cleansing lather and smells delicious.

Even after the first wash and condition with these my hair has felt super soft and bouncy. My hair feels less dry and damaged and smells amazing. I am REALLY impressed and they’re an amazing price for such a large bottle.

From having a nosey online I’ve found that they’re also available in Poundland and on Amazon, but they’re priced at a ridiculous £5.99 each on Amazon!

I love finding a bargain product that actually works and this is definitely one of them. I would recommend picking up a bottle of each on your travels especially if you have dry or damaged hair.


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  1. 24th April 2014 / 10:34 am

    Ooh, isn't it great when you discover fabulous bargains like this. Thank you for sharing!

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