No Ad sun lotion

No Ad sun lotion
I’d never actually heard of No Ad products prior to trying them out, despite the fact they’ve been around since 1962! The name No Ad comes from the unique idea that there’s no necessity for TV ads, no hype and no gimmicks.
There’s quite a large range of products produced by No Ad, including skin protection from factor 15 all the way up to factor 50+, tanning amplifiers and two after sun products.

I was intrigued to try NO AD and we were lucky enough to have call for suncream on our recent trip to Eyemouth in Scotland because the weather was amazing. I love the sun but I always try to use something to protect myself from the harmful rays of the sun – there’s no way I’m encouraging my wrinkles to arrive quicker than absolutely necessary.

As I rule I hate the consistency of sun cream, I hate the way it refuses to rub in, and lies on your skin like a greasy layer, and it usually gives me spots or blocked pores. I know I have to use it, but I’m really not a fan.

I wasn’t really sure what to expect from No AD but I have to say I am massively impressed and I’m completely converted. Where has this sun cream been all my life?!


The sun cream looks a lot like traditional sun cream BUT it feels so light and none greasy. I love it. The consistency feels a lot like the cream I apply to my face on a morning. It absorbs extremely quickly without any need for vigorous rubbing.

I love how easily its rubbed into your skin without making it greasy or sticky. I can honestly say since finding this I wouldn’t use anything else, it really is that impressive.

It prevents sun burn without making you look like a greasy mess. As it’s both sweat and water resistant, it won’t run off your face, even if we do get some hot sunny days.

NO-AD has also been named a “Best Buy” by the USA’s leading consumer publication four years in a row (2009-2012). You can pick it up for a very reasonable price in your local Boyes or Morrisons or online at the suncare shop with free delivery on all products.

The baby version is equally as good. I was much less worried about applying some to the little mans arms and legs as it’s fragrance free and hypoallergenic. We had no problems and I felt safer knowing that although he was well covered any sneaky sun rays wouldn’t be able to harm his baby skin.

Overall I am masisvely impressed by both the quality and the unique consistency. After trying this I can’t imagine going back to the previous products I’d have used, this is so much more pleasant to use.

*I was sent the product for review purposes, opinions are my own*


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