What’s Really Stopping You From Rocking A Bikini Post-Baby?

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Before having a baby, the chance to get your bikini out on beach days was likely one of the best parts of your breaks away. Since kids, however, you’ve joined the countless mums who don’t think twice about keeping on the layers even when the sweat starts creating a sea of its own. Unlike so many often unhelpful articles out there, we’re not about to tell you that losing weight or ‘getting back in shape’ is the answer here. Instead, we’re going to take a look at the simple steps you can take to fall in love with your post-baby bikini bod exactly the way it is right now.

Find new reasons to feel good about your body

We’re so often taught that a stomach flatter than an ironing board is the only path to beauty that we assume our baby ponch will prevent us from ever feeling good on the beach again. In reality, though, there are plenty of ways to feel good about what you’ve got going on, and not many of them involve weight loss. Simple steps like spray tans before you head off can work wonders here, while more permanent changes, like belly button rings or even nipple bars (if you’re feeling brave enough!) can make all the difference in helping you to feel sexy when you look in the mirror again. When you’re on the beach, you can certainly bet that having these stunning little extras to show off helps you get out that bikini, or even do a little topless sunbathing if you went down the nipple bar route! 

Buy a bikini with your post-baby bod in mind

It’s astounding how many of us try on our post-baby bikinis, determine that they don’t look great, and throw them in the bin forevermore. In reality, though, this is less a sign that you’re out of shape, and more an indication that your body has changed which, let’s face it, is pretty inevitable. Hence, instead of looking to the past and ruing what you’ve lost, your quest for a post-birth bikini should be all about buying based on your body now. Going up a size, or just shifting to a different style, could then see you looking great in a way that was never going to be possible when squeezing into the bikini you wore when you were eighteen.

Get used to flashing the flesh

The chances are that you resorted to jumpers immediately after birth to make yourself feel more comfortable. Unfortunately, those of us still covering up years later often find ourselves entirely unused to flashing our flesh in front of our partners, let alone a beach filled with strangers. Yet, just like all matters of confidence, feeling brave enough to get your body out is all about practice, and the more you do it, the less you’ll feel self-conscious. Spending a little time topless at home could, therefore, be all it takes to see you feeling confident and looking great again the next time you feel the sand between your toes! 


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