Lite Brite Classic and Mini Review

Product sent in return for an honest review.

Lite Brite was originally released way back in 1967.  Aimed at children 4 years and over, Lite Brite is a light box with a selection of coloured pegs that fit into the holes on the light box. When the box is turned on, the pegs are brightly illuminated.  Included in the box is a range of simple templates which you can follow to create brightly coloured masterpieces or you can use your imagination to make your own.


The Basic Fun Lite Brite Ultimate Classic is the original Lite Brite, the one you’ll likely remember from your own childhood. The set contains the Lite Brite ultimate classic board, 200 pegs in a range of different colours and 6 different templates.

Before you get started, you’ll need a small screwdriver and 3 x AA batteries which aren’t included ( worth noting if you have impatient kids like me).

You simply push the pegs into the holes on the board. You can create your own pretty patterns or pictures or use the templates that come in the box.

When you’ve finished creating your design, you can turn the Lite Brite box on and choose one of the 4 different light settings – blinking, pulsing, steady and random. The light brings the deign to life, making the pegs colourful and bright.

The Lite Brite Ultimate Classic from Basic Fun costs £17.99 and is available at various stores including John Lewis.

The light on the Lite Brite can be left on so you can display your design like a light box if you wish. It has a handy stand at the back which my eldest loves, he has a bit of a den under his bed and the Lite Brite looks great under there.


The Lite Brite Mini is a new release which is perfect for taking on trips or using in the car. It works in exactly the same way as the Lite Brite Ultimate Classic and is basically a baby version of the original.

It’s small enough to slip into a travel bag or the the pocket in the car seat, making it ideal for travelling and days out.  The Lite Brite Mini includes 4 design templates, 70 colourful mini pegs and a screen that measures 3.5″ wide by 3″ high. The pegs are quite small in comparison to the Lite Brite original so do need to be stored safely. The Lite Brite Mini comes with batteries so it’s ready to go as soon as it’s removed from the box.

The Mini Lite Brite is an either on or off, it doesn’t have the flashing or fading options that the original Lite Brite has or the stand on the back. That doesn’t make it any less fun though, both have really enjoyed playing with them in the car.

The kids love copying designs on the mini Lite Brite that I’ve created om the big one. It’s of fun to see who copies it best.

The Lite Brite Mini RRP £9.99 will be available from John Lewis soon and will definitely be a hit.

We’re all really impressed with the Lite Brite toys. It’s great to see a retro toy from my own childhood, loved by my own children. My only gripe is that I wish they came with a decent storage area for the pegs. We’ve put them in resealable sandwiches bags which is fine for now, but something a little more robust would be better otherwise I know we’ll lose them.



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