5 months old – baby update

5 months old – baby update

It’s that time again, another month has passed. This update is a little late as the Little Man turned 5 months last week.

He has become to most inquisitive little person. He is so nosey and is constantly watching and taking notice of everything around him. He gets easily distracted while drinking his bottle so it takes forever for him to finish. 
He’s also become the noisiest baby in the world. He screeches, chats, sings and hoots like an owl from getting up until going to sleep. 
He can roll up from front to back but not the other way, and doesn’t seem bothered about trying.He can sit up alone for a short while unless he gets distracted and topples forward. He desperately tries to get his knees and legs up when he’s on his stomach and push himself forward. 
He still hasn’t perfected sitting up from lying down. He gets half way, gets frustrated and goes back down, while grunting and groaning. 

He loves to play with his toys, his most recent favourites are a huge Lamaze caterpillar and a taking dragon which he watches/hits/tries to dismantle.

We recently went for a family photo shoot because although we have a million photos of the little man and the little man and Daddy there are probably two of him and me, neither of which are very good. We decided to get one nice shot of the three of us, £100 later and we’re waiting to collect it. 

He still does the biggest farts ever. They rival Daddy’s. 

He seemed to enjoy his first little holiday to Eyemouth which included his first trip to the beach. He loved the sand and was determined to eat some. 
He’s still got no more hair. He still looks like a mini monk with his little tuft of furry hair at the back. 
We still go swimming every week, and he’s become so confident, he can swim underwater for a few seconds. It’s terrifying for us but amazing to watch. He gets so excited in the pool and constantly splashes with his arms and kicks his legs. 
We’ve had lots of days out, he’s come to embrace/tolerate shopping with Mammy and loves spending time with his Nana. He loves being in his bouncer, especially if I put it outside so I can hang the washing out or do the garden.

Still no teeth, but the signs are there, he’s covered in dribble and won’t keep his hands out of his mouth and his gums are rock hard. I have an amber anklet in preparation. 

We’ve bought him some toys for the garden, including a baby sized sand pit and water table, we’re in the process of getting the garden tidied up so it’ll be perfect for him to sit and play with in a few weeks time. 

We decided to take a step back with the weaning. He has porridge for breakfast with his first bottle a couple of times a week but we decided to wait until he hits 6 months before we introduce anything more. 

His sleeping is slightly better, he’s normally settled and asleep by 8pm and then will sleep until 4.30am, then he’ll wake a bottle and go back down until 8am. The light mornings aren’t helping though, he was up and raring to go at 4.30am yesterday.

It’s crazy to think he’s been here almost a year already. I honestly can’t remember what my life was like before he arrived.


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