Garden activity ideas for young children

Garden activity ideas for young children

It’s time to get out in the garden and enjoy the sunshine and warm weather .. while it lasts. 

We don’t have the best garden in the world, but we’re in the process of getting it tidied up and revamped (the previous owners had some strange ideas) and as it’s slowly starting to look better, it’s becoming a nicer place to spend time.

Little Man has been enjoying time outdoors while the weathers been nice, and we’ve picked up some reasonably priced garden toys to help create a fun environment to play in. Although he’s still quite young, he loves being outdoors and seems to thrive on fresh air and sunshine. 

Even if your little person is small there are still plenty of options for fun in the garden. Here are some of the best ones we’ve found so far – 

We bought this great paddling pool from Asda. It has a massive 420 litre water capacity and is the perfect size for all the family. It’s deep enough for little man to be able to splash around and use his float without touching the bottom. It’s a bargain at £10!
You’ll need an electric pump to blow up a paddling pool this size, or a lung transplant once you’re finished attempting to inflate it with your mouth. 
I love paddling pools. I have so many happy memories of my own childhood. The sunshine, my family and a few inches of water in a plastic pool. I knew I’d buy the Little Man one as soon as it was warm enough for him to play in the water. He thoroughly enjoys being in the water so this is the ideal garden toy for him. 

I wasn’t too sure whether to by a swing as the little man is still very young but I came across this fabulous folding baby swing by Hedstrom. It was one of the only swings I found that could be used from 6 months. It has a high supportive back and a chest strap to prevent little people falling forward or hitting their heads on the front of the swing. 

Little Man absolutely loves being in his swing. He laughs and chuckles constantly and given half a chance would happily sit in it all day. 

What’s great about the swing is that it can be used outside when the weather is great but it’s small enough to be able to be used indoors and folds up for storage. 

Asda’s Jelly Bear tent is the perfect hideaway from the midday sun. It’s really important to remember little people shouldn’t have too much sun, so rather than having to bring them indoors when it gets too hot, you can simply take a little time out in a tent. It’s the perfect location for a midday picnic.

It’s a standard sized two man tent which can be used for camping but the fun design makes it the perfect tent for little people. It’s extremely easy to assemble and is literally up and full assembled in minutes. It also packs up really compactly for storage when it’s not in use. It’s a bargain at £15.

Asda actually have a good selection of tents suitable for both camping or fun times in the garden. They range in size, which is great if you have more than one child. 

Some other ideas for fun in the garden that are very cheap or free –

You can pick up a bag of play sand at the Pound Shop for £1. Use it in a clean, dry spot and it creates hours of fun. There’s no need for fancy sandpits – a dry piece of concrete works just as well.

Water is even cheaper! A water fight with some empty plastic bottles, the garden hose or some washing up liquid bottles and you’re all set.

Looking for wildlife is a fun idea, older children can hunt round the garden with a jar to catch anything they find, whereas young children like the little man can sit and watch the birds splashing in the bird bath. 

Messy play or painting in the garden is a great idea. Bring out the washable paints or chalks and either come paper or simply use the outside floor. It means no mess indoors and any mess from paints can be washed away quite effortlessly. Plus, if you have a paddling pool you can also wash down your little person while making it still seem fun. 

*I was gifted the Jelly Bear tent. All ideas and opinions are my own*



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    Awww wow look at little man in the swing looks adorable.

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