Review – F & F baby clothing

Review – F & F baby clothing

I was recently given the opportunity to order and review some baby clothing from F & F at Tesco.

I chose –

Heavenly Formal maternity trousers

F & F 5 pack of Nursery Rhyme short sleeved body suits

Lamb Comforter

F & F 5 pack of Animal Motif short sleeved bodysuits

F & F 7 pack of long sleeved bodysuits

F & F 5 pack of cloud bibs

F & F 2 pack of dinosaur pjs

Unfortunately the trousers that were sent came in the wrong size, but I was able to pop to my local Tesco store and swap the trousers for a another romper suit, a 2.5 tog sleeping suit, another pack of two pjs and a tiny teddy bear hat without issue.

None of the items I picked from store are shown on Tesco’s website, so presumably the stores must stock different items to those on their website.

I was really impressed with the quality of the items, especially the basic white sleep suits, I wasn’t expecting a great deal considering they only cost £1 each, but they’re lovely and soft with a decent amount of stretch. The quality of the cotton is good and they’re a complete bargain!

I was also very impressed with the 2.5 tog sleeping bag. The cotton is soft both inside and out and it would make a perfect gift for those who aren’t finding out the gender of the baby as it has yellow trim, and who doesn’t like the Tatty Teddies.

Overall I was really impressed with both the quality of the products from the F & F baby range and the price.

Tesco have some gorgeous basic baby items at great prices, and some really cute outfits, which are perfect for those on a tight budget or for gifts for mothers to be.


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