#SlimFastChallenge week 1

#SlimFastChallenge week 1

As you know I’ve been taking part in the #SlimFastChallenge to try and lose weight. Week one is complete and I have to say I’m quite impressed. I’ve been using the MyFitnessPal app alongside the #SlimFastChallenge to keen an eye on the amount of calories I’ve been consuming. Every SlimFast product is already stored in the app too which has been really helpful. 

Most days I’ve been having a shake made with powder for breaskfast followed by a banana, a meal replacement bar for lunch, a sweet snack in the afternoon, a healthy tea and a savoury snack as a supper. The days I’ve been at work I’d had my healthy meal at lunch time instead of on an evening, opting for a protein rich salad, with lots of greenery and either chicken or salmon. 

The healthy meal has been as close to 600 calories as possible. Some of the meals I’ve had have included meat and veg with gravy, chicken stir fry and vegetable curry, they’ve all been filling and substantial enough so that I didn’t feel like I was on a diet.

I’m impressed with the flavours and have found everything I’ve tried very palatable, the chocolate snacks are absolutely delicious and feel like such a naughty treat. I’ve really enjoyed them mid afternoon at work. 

I’m very pleasantly surprised by the variety of snacks available and by how tasty they are. The powdered shakes to make up are also a firm favorite. The rich chocolate flavour is so tasty when it’s made with icy cold milk.

Last week before my diet started I took some measurements as well as my weight. I always hate weigh ins but because I’ve stuck to the diet completely I was hoping for some positive news.

Waist – -1.5 inches
Hips – – 1 inch
Bust – – 1 inch
Weigh – – 4lb

I’m really pleased with the loss. I think 4lb is pretty impressive. I feel quite positive about week two and my weightloss in general. I’ve found the #SlimFastChallenge simple to follow and the food is really tasty which makes such a refreshing change from diets I’ve tried in the past.


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