Slimming World Chicken Carbonara

Slimming World Chicken Carbonara


2 chicken breasts
2 onions
1 pepper
25g Lighter cheddar cheese
2 eggs
frozen peas


Chop your garlic and chicken and cook together. Add the onions and peppers and cook down before adding the mushrooms, chopped jalapenos, peas and sweet corn.

Cook your pasta in a separate pan

At this point I took some out for the little man. Obviously he can’t have raw egg so I’ll use the ingredients up to this point to mix with pasta for his dinner tomorrow.

In a separate bowl add the tub of quark, the two eggs and half of the cheese. Use a blender or whisk to make a smooth liquid, add some pepper if you want to season.

Once the pasta is cooked, drain the water and transfer into the pan with the chicken and vegetables.

Remove the pan from the heat so it cools slightly, then add the quark, cheese and egg mixture. Stir through to ensure the pasta is all coated. Don’t put it back on the heat or you’ll end up with a rather weird form of scrambled egg (yes, I’ve done it before).

Put it in a bowl and there you go. Quick and very simple Carbonara. The recipe is free on the Extra Easy plan and contains speed foods such as the onions, mushrooms and peppers.

Extra cheese can be added, making it you Healthy A choice, or you can syn it as we did. The 25g of light cheddar cheese works out at 4 syns for the whole lot, so to divide between two it’d be 2 syns per portion.

This is one of my favourite Slimming World recipes.



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