Bennetts baby skincare products

Bennetts baby skincare products

I hadn’t heard of the Bennetts for babies range before, but after a little research I’ve found out that they were established over 50 years ago and they’re the best selling baby care product in South Africa.

I was recently asked if we’d like to try out some items from the range and as I love finding new and unique products for us to use as a family, I jumped at the chance. 

Bennetts baby skincare products selection

The Bennetts packaging is very simple and straight forward. It looks clean and a little clinical, it doesn’t look to dissimilar to something you’d find in a hospital. Each product is formulated by a British qualified pharmacist and gently helps protect young, delicate skin. 

Bennetts Aqueous bath drops

Aqueous Bath Drops 
I wasn’t too sure what to expect with the bath drops, I did expect them to make the bath quite greasy and possibly leave that awful oily film on your skin but they didn’t. They’re actually really good! I’ve been adding a few drops of this to the little mans bath each night and his skin feels even softer than usual. He usually gets a little dry skin on his calves but it’s cleared up nicely. 

I’ve also found this great for using neat on my hands. A little drop rubbed into the skin on my hands feels amazing. It’s no secret I have awfully dry hands, they crack and flake and are often sore. I have a minor skin condition exacerbated by the daily use of baby wipes. It drives me mad. Long gone are the days of manicures and glamorous nails, my priority now is usually attempting to prevent my cuticles peeling off or my skin cracking. 

Bennetts baby bum creme

Baby Bum Crème 
Luckily we don’t have the need to use nappy cream very often. This one contains Zinc Oxide, Starch and Pure Essential Lavender Oil to help help soothe, heal and protect the skin on a baby’s bum. As with most nappy creams it creates a barrier between skin and a wet nappy. The baby bum creme has a much nicer texture than other nappy creams I’ve used, it spreads easily and isn’t a nightmare to wash off at bath time. 

Bennetts Aqueous baby cream

Baby Aqueous Cream
I might have claimed this for myself. It’s been fantastic for the dry skin on my hands, so much so I’d say my hands are about 90% better than they were. They still feel a little dry but they’re not cracked and certainly not sore. I’ve been using this after nappy changes and every time my hands get wet and I honestly can’t fault it. 

It’s fragrance free and really gently. The cream itself is is absorbed quickly and easily into your skin, so no waiting round waiting for it to dry. My skin feels instantly softer when I apply the Aqueous cream, and a 10p sized dollop works nicely on your hands. 

Bennetts baby traveller

Bum Buddy Traveller
The little duo is a great idea for travelling. It’d be perfect for a short plane journey, when you don’t really want to lug your entire change bag contents into the cabin with you. The traveller has a section containing 20 wipes and a separate section containing some of their bum creme. I like the traveller pouch, it was ideal for popping in our swimming bag when we went earlier in the week but the wipes are quite small and not very strong, so you’ll need to pray for only minor nappy incidents!

I’ve really enjoyed using the Bennett’s range, particularly the bath drops and aqueous cream. They’re both made noticeable changes to both mine and the little mans skin. I’ll be ordering more when we’ve used up these ones. 

In the UK the Bennett’s range is currently available at independent pharmacies, online from Amazon and have recently been made available in Morrisons. To keep up to date with developments and stockist details check out their website at or on Twitter at @bennettsforbabies. 

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  1. 25th February 2015 / 10:01 pm

    I've heard great things about Bennetts and that traveller pack looks like a great idea! x

  2. 11th September 2015 / 9:25 am

    It looks awesome; in most of the occasion I have heard about Bennetts baby products; but never before experiencing these products. But while go through this above article I am able to get the complete description of different baby bathing product those are placing here. We definitely need different types of suitable baby products for baby bathing and Bennetts will be the right solution.

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