Upbeat blogger protein challenge

Upbeat blogger protein challenge

I was recently asked to take part in the Upbeat Blogger Challenge. I was challenged to make healthy changes to my diet and introduce more protein rich foods and Upbeat protein drinks.

I’m always trying to bring healthy extras into my diet, and try new foods. I was intrigued to see what food I would be sent for the challenge. When it arrived my order included a range of meat and fish, cheese and fruit, all of which were rich in protein.

We need protein in our diet to help us maintain healthy muscles and bones. Protein rich foods keep us feeling full the longest but our body isn’t able to store them the way it does with Carbs and Fat, so sometimes we need a little boost. Each person needs roughly 1g of Protein for every kg they weigh. Upbeat protein drinks can help with this, by adding 20g of Protein into our diets by simply drinking on 250ml bottle.

Whilst we do try to stick to a healthy diet in our house it’s hard to remember what foods are the best source of protein and how much they provide. This handy little table gives you a bit more of an idea.

This week I’ve been making healthier diet changes. I’ve reduced the amount of Carbs in my diet, eaten less sugary foods and have made meals from scratch rather than using ready meals or processed junk.

I’ve swapped for potatoes for sweet potatoes which I absolutely love. I’ve made sweet potato wedges and and can’t say I’ve missed normal potatoes at all. I’ve avoided pasta and had cous cous in salads and with sauces.

I’ve picked salmon to take to work with salad rather than my usual calorie laden ready made pasta pots and opted for super filing porridge oats topped with fruit and pumpkin seeds for breakfast.

After only a couple of days I felt like I had more energy and was less sluggish during my working day or night.  My portions have been smaller as I felt fuller for longer, sometimes I had to tell myself to eat at lunch time as I was still so full from breakfast.

I’ve really enjoyed a more varied diet and the extra protein I wouldn’t usually include has clearly made a difference to my energy levels. I’ve also felt less bloated and more clear headed. I intend to keep making more of a conscious effort with my protein intake, and I’ll definitely be making healthier choices, who knew how much I loved Salmon!?

I’ve enjoyed the Upbeat drinks too. They’re a dairy protein drink (20% protein) with fruit puree and comtain only 150 calories per drink. They are low in fat and contain less than half the sugar of fruit smoothies. They’re available in four flavours : – strawberry, blueberry and raspberry, mango and the recently released chocolate orange. They’re made an extra tasty addition to breakfast time. My favourite flavour has been the blueberry and raspberry as it’s fruity and tastes a bit like a naughty treat.

You can find Upbeat protein drinks chilling in the fridges at selected Tescos, Sainsburys, Waitrose and Holland and Barrett as well as many more supermarkets For further information about the product and challenge, check out

*I was sent the food included in this post free of charge. Opinions are my own*


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