The World’s Most Dangerous Stunts Performed by Stars

The World’s Most Dangerous Stunts Performed by Stars

Hubby and I both love movies, the thrill, the edge of your seat anticipation and the unbelievably able action shots.  Cinema visits have become a thing of the past but that doesn’t stop us curling up to watch a recent release on our wide screen TV,

We tend to watch a range of films. I love a good dramatic horror or heart wrenching sob story whereas Hubby loves adrenaline infused action, complete with explosions, car chases and the inevitable death defying stunt.

Some stunts in films look absolutely amazing, even more so when you know the actor has chosen to skip the use of a stunt double and do it themselves. I think it makes the acting look more authentic and to be honest, I’d much rather watch an actor who takes their art to the extreme, risking injury for the correct shot, so we as the viewers get a fantastic experience.

Surprisingly, many A listers actually do their own stunts. Angelina Jolie did all of her own stunts in the film Salt, where she plays an FBI agent who has been accused of being a Russian spy. It’s quite impressive to learn she learnt Muay Thai and Krav Maga just to play the part.

Harrison Ford is another who is star happy to risk injury for his art, carrying out many of his own stunts in the Indiana Jones series of films.

More recently, Tom Cruise did his own stunts in his new film, Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation which got Into the Blue thinking about other actors who perform their own stunts.

Do you recognise any of these yourself? Did you know the actors did them without stunt doubles?

The World’s Most Dangerous Stunts Performed by Stars infographic below shows some of crazy stunts celebs have done themselves.

If you fancy trying out some stunts of your own you can always check out Into the Blue yourself, they provide a wide range of experiences days, including indoor skywalking and rally driving.


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