BakedIn Snowflake brownie kit review

BakedIn Snowflake brownie kit review
The little man loves being in the kitchen and helping Mammy to bake but it’s not always easy to find simple recipes that we can make together. I was recently contacted by Gousto to ask whether we’d like to try out their BakedIn Snowflake brownie kit, a nice simple baking kit that children can help make. 

The recipe for the brownie was created by two star Michelin chef, Michel Roux and contains a simple kit with each ingredient weighed out into a little bag. The only additional items the snowflake brownies requires is an egg and 60g of butter, it even comes with it’s own disposable baking tray and grease proof paper. It’s such a great idea and meant my stress levels were dramatically reduced!

We got to work straight away. The whole kit is very easy to use, everything is labelled well and the instructions are really simple to follow. 
As everything is pre measured, the little man was able to add everything to the mixing bowl himself, making him feel independent and grown up. 
Once everything was mix it was ready to go into the baking tray to be cooked. The baking tray comes with a piece of grease proof paper which needs to be rubbed with butter before the mixture goes in. 
The little man has to make sure it looked (and tasted) just right before he’d let me put it in the oven to cook. 
45 minutes in the oven and a cack handed/light sprinkle of icing sugar through the snowflake template and you’re ready to serve. 
The brownie is absolutely delicious, probably one of the tastiest I’ve every tried. It’s sticky and chewy and because it contains cranberries and pecans the flavour is delicious. I was also impressed that it wasn’t greasy, unlike other brownie making kits I’ve tried before. 
BakedIn sell monthly baking kits which are perfect for making with little people. You can try your first box for just £3.99 if you use code BAKINGHERO at checkout. I think they’re a great idea and a simple, fun way of baking with little people. 

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