5 ways to make your house warmer this Winter

The cold weather is here. You daren’t leave the house without a coat and the horror of de-icing your car is looking ominous. I’m sure you’ll want your house to feel cosy and warm, without having to spend a fortune on your gas and electric bills.

See if any of these simple tips can help you this winter.


Cavity Wall Insultation

A lot of homes built after 1920 have a gap between the internal and external walls so in more recent years we’ve started filling this gap (cavity) with insulating mineral wool and foam which reduces the amount of cold air let in and keeps the warmer air inside. Generous.

Ours was arranged via British Gas but there’s a helpful page on Moneysaving Expert with lots of information about what to do to see if you’re eligible for free insulation or a new boiler.

Cover your doors and windows

Ensure your doors and windows are covered with appropriate products. Use heavy lined curtains in the winter and invest in some good quality blinds like the ones from the company VELUX which will help to improve insulation by reducing heat from the sun in the summer and retaining heat in the winter.

Insulate your roof

Almost a quarter of the heat from your home escapes through the roof so mineral wool is laid under the rafters to reduce this happening.

Insulating your roof is generally much cheaper than wall insulation and again you may even be entitled to have it done for free. We had an engineer come out to check ours but we were told it was within the 250 to 270 mm recommended depth so we didn’t need it to be done.

Double Glazing

We replaced 80% of our windows and doors earlier this year and the increase in warmth and reduction in drafts was instant. Our windows were around 25 years old and the sealeant was loose and the drafts were terrible, you could literally hear the wind blowing through them. Whilst I’ll admit the initial cost was a little eye watering

Unleash the radiators

I’m the first to admit I love pretty radiator covers but they really do reduce the heat output. I’d also recommend moving furniture and sofas away from the radiators to allow as much heat out as possible.


If none of my tips work for you, you can always put on 17 jumpers and cuddle up with your significant other.



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