Is your home safe when you’re on holiday?

There’s nothing better than the excitement of planning, booking and going on holiday. We love travelling as a family and exploring different parts of the world but leaving our home and belongings really does worry me.

This infographic from was produced after surveying 550 Irish holiday goers and points out some very scary statistics. 14% of people who responded claim to check in at the airport when they’re off on holiday and a massive 42% said they tell everyone their going on holiday!

I think that’s really worrying! Working where I do I’m fully aware of how naughty people can be and some of the awful things that go on in the world, so I try to make as much effort as I can to protect my home and my family.

There are ways that you can make your home more safe, especially when you’re away on holiday.

Ask your neighbours to check on it

If you get on with your neighbours and trust them, ask them to keep an eye on your property, maybe pop in and move your post off the door mat or turn on the lights at night time. I’d only recommend doing this if your trust your neighbours 100%. Failing that, you can always use the Royal Mail KeepSafe service which can hold your mail for up to 66 days.

Check your house insurance is up to date and correct

If the worst thing happens when you’re on holiday you need to be prepared and covered. Make sure you have the appropriate home insurance cover and that it’s valid while you’re away.  Check you home insurance quotes and make any necessary changes when your renewal is due. Make sure you have adequate cover for your possessions and check the fine print on your policy.

Remove your valuables or try and hide them

When we go on holiday I tend to leave some of my valuables such as photographs and jewellery with family members. It makes me feel a little more reassured that they’ll be at home and hopefully less likely to be broken into. I sometimes put things into the loft too, my logic being that a burglar may be less likely to spend time getting up there so not to risk being in the house too long.

Keep a car on the drive way

If you can, leave a car on your drive way. I’m sure a burglar would be less likely to try and break into a property if they thought they could be confronted by the occupants.

Turn off plug sockets and unplug everything

Whilst this has nothing to do with crime but it’s something worth considering when you’re leaving your house for a period of time. Turning everything off reduces the risk of fire or electrical surges which could damage your property or belongings.

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