Real Baking Cookie Kit review #RealBaking

We recently reviewed the Real Baking Great Baking set and the Cake Pops set from Vivid Toys recently and yesterday we tried out the Cookie kit from the same range.


The kit is aimed at children 6 years and older but I personally think it’s more suitable for younger children and is ideal for toddlers who want to start baking with their parents. It costs around £14.99 and looks like a great gift to give.


The set contains a range of brightly coloured, child friendly baking equipment which includes a rolling pin, dough rolling tray, Silicon baking sheet, piping bag and various cookie cutters.



The kit can be used once you’ve made the cookie dough as there aren’t any bowls, spoons or measuring equipment with this kit. I knocked up some chocolate chip dough for the little man to get creative with.


The rolling tray is designed to help you roll the dough to the correct thickness but we struggled to roll with it because it has no suction  on the bottom so slides all over the place while little hands are trying to roll. You can use the tray with the baking sheet underneath and put the cut shapes directly onto it and then into the oven but we transferred our cookies onto a separate tray so we could fit more on.




The little man thoroughly enjoyed cutting the shapes from the dough though he did get a frustrated trying to roll it out on the tray.



Once he’d cut out all of his shapes we put them on a baking tray to cook in the oven and then waited impatiently/patiently for them to come out of the oven.


The cookies turned out pretty well and tasted great.

I think the set is most suited to younger children but is a nice little way to get children involved in baking. I’d have liked to see a mixing spoon and maybe a bowl so we could have actually made the mixture using the kit but otherwise I really liked it and we’ll definitely be using it regularly.

We were sent the the set in return for an honest review.


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