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Every year I try and book a festive photo shoot for the little man. I love seeing him grow each year and receiving beautiful pictures we can keep forever. Finding the perfect photographer can be difficult, so this time I decided to try out the Bidvine website to see if I could source a decent portrait photographer within our budget.

The Bidvine website is designed to link users with local services and is the easiest way to find and hire local professionals to help meet any needs you may have.

Bidvine allows you to receive up to 5 quotes and then compare prices, work experience and reviews. You can even communicate via Bidvine before deciding whether you wish to take them up on their quote.

Searching on the site is straight forward, you can search via the search bar at the top of the page or checking the suggested services in the popular projects section.

Once you’ve chosen your required search category, Bidvine asks you more questions to narrow down your requirements. In my case it asked me more about the types of photo’s I required, where I wanted the shoot to take place and how I wanted to recieve the photo’s. Once you’ve done this, you can choose to be contacted via email, or add your contact number if that suits you. Personally, I prefer email contact rather than telephone so I didn’t add my number.

Once your quotes arrive, you’ll be able to check the quotes and establish whether any of the professionals meet your requirements. You decide whether to call them directly or use the messaging service via Bidvine. The quotes arrived quite quickly and gave me enough information to make a decision about which ones I’d like to speak to further. Each professional was already aware of my requirements, having given quite a lot of information when submitting my request to Bidvine.

After this point, Bidvine takes a step back. You no longer need to use them and they have no involvement in any decisions you make or services you purchase from any of the professionals you receive quotes from.

I found Bidvine really easy to use and a clever way to connect with professionals in my local area. It saved me asking for suggestions from friends and family, scrolling through pages of reviews and checking out local Facebook pages.

I won’t hesitate to use it again and I’m already thinking about how quickly I can work my way through my ‘to do’ list.

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