Dressing for the beauty industry

Some jobs require a uniform as standard, whereas others it can be a looser term with rules on what to wear as opposed to a strict uniform.

Many moons ago, before Husbands and Children, I worked briefly in the beauty industry and there was lots of flexibility in terms of what uniform options were available to employers and employees alike.

So, how should you dress for the beauty industry?

A unified look

Depending on the place you work you might have a uniform, this might be simple tunic and trousers, designed to make you easily identifiable and create a sleek and professional look for the business.

These sorts of items are normally provided through places like Simon Jersey Beauty Uniforms. Designed to be functional and hardwearing they work well to keep staff looking their best during a shift.

But what if you work in a smaller salon or somewhere with a more relaxed attitude to your uniform?


If your place of work doesn’t have a set uniform you need to think about the sort of vibe it wants to present to customers.

Say for instance you work somewhere that wants to be seen as much more relaxed and welcoming you might be able to get away with a more casual uniform instead of having to be ultra-glamourous all the time.

You might have a lot of freedom in the style of clothes you wear but be restricted to specific colours or tones. Lighter coloured tops and twinned with dark trousers for example. This lets you play around with the look of your uniform while still allowing your employer to create a colour scheme that suits their brand.


Looking great is all well and good but think about the practicalities of your role. Do you spend long periods of time on your feet? If so then you need to think about making sure you are comfortable during a shift.

This might mean looking at more sensible and comfortable shoes, or looking at clothes that help you stay cool and comfortable throughout the day.

Being comfortable at work can give confidence and productivity a huge boost, if you aren’t thinking about how uncomfortable or tired you are you have more energy to focus on doing an amazing job.

Dressing for the beauty industry isn’t just about looking good, it’s about striking a balance between fashion and function, helping you to look the part but also to deliver a level of service that leaves customers satisfied.

It can take time to figure out, but finding that perfect mix of comfortable and couture can make all the difference to how easy it is to get through even the most difficult shift.


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