How to Find Your Personal Style

Everyone wants to have their own distinct style. Even those who choose to follow trends closely are hoping to bring something new and attractive to the norm. Fashion can be so much fun when you want to look stylish every day, however, simply accepting the trends you see on other people and in shops can feel like it might erase your individuality over time. Some people seem to be born with their own unique style and have no trouble sticking to it or finding clothes that match what they want. Others may find it more difficult either to locate the clothes they like the best or even decide what their own style is to begin with. Hopefully, these simple tips will help you discover your style and track down the clothes that make you feel more like yourself.

One: Review What You Have

When it comes to buying clothes, it can be hard to resist paying money for something just because you want it upon sight. This often means that your wardrobe is overflowing with excess items that you might have loved for a brief period after buying, but haven’t been worn in years. Depending on how your body has changed, either through weight loss or gain, you might even find that some of your older clothes no longer fit your body shape correctly. While it may sound daunting at first, the best way to start is by pulling out every piece of clothing that you own, including belts, shoes, and even underwear. From a pair of socks to an evening gown, everything you wear says something about you, whether you mean it to or not. Find a clear space and organise your clothes into sections – things you wear all the time, things you love but never seem to wear, and things you haven’t worn because they no longer fit or you don’t like them anymore.

By seeing all your clothes at once, you immediately get a better picture of what your style could be. Do you own a lot of bright colours and patterns? Is there a material you seem to have more of than others? Although this might give you the impression that you should stick to what you wear anyway, you might not necessarily be happy with what you wear at the moment. Now is the time to pinpoint the image you want to portray, how comfortable you want to feel, and what items make you the most confident in yourself.

Two: Get Rid of Unwanted Items

The next step is to concentrate on the section of clothes you never wear and don’t want to wear anyway. Whether this consists of underwear that’s too intimidating or shirts that don’t hang the way you want them to, the best thing to do is get them out of your life. There are so many ways you can give unwanted clothes a new home where they’ll be appreciated properly. Local charities are usually happy to accept second-hand clothes that they can sell and make money from to donate to their cause. Online marketplaces can also help you get rid of clothes to people who truly want them. If something has a lovely pattern but doesn’t fit you anymore, maybe upcycle it into upholstery for a cushion or something else decorative. Throwing out your old clothes doesn’t mean you have to add to the pollution of the environment. Maybe your own family and friends would like to see what you’re getting rid of so they can take some of it home for themselves.

Three: Find Comparisons Between What is Left

Now that you have successfully cleared out all your unwanted clothes, take a look at the items which remain. Some people believe that style and comfort don’t have to come together, while others insist that they would rather be comfortable than painfully stylish. Of course, there is always a way to combine the two, but find out for yourself which of these is the biggest priority. If something doesn’t feel right, it’s unlikely you’ll want to wear it very often, even if it looks amazing. Once you’ve discovered your balance between comfort and style, see what in your wardrobe best matches these goals. Do you keep an old pair of tracksuit trousers around just in case you can’t be bothered dressing up? If you never wear them, chuck them. Is there a beautiful pair of shoes that look so good but hurt terribly? Your feet will thank you for giving them away. Compare your most worn items and your favourite looks to create a stylish, personal combination. Is one of your most treasured pieces a gorgeous steampunk corset dress? Try to pick out items that match or compliment this style to start carving out a more distinct look for yourself when you go shopping. Let your favourites guide you.

Four: Test it Out

It’s all very well surveying your narrowed-down wardrobe in the safety of your own home. It’s another thing entirely to take it for a spin. Try out your new style and make sure you feel comfortable and confident when you wear it. If you constantly have to adjust your clothes or don’t feel happy looking the way you do, make small changes to find out what makes you the most comfortable and relaxed. Even clothes you wear to work or to special occasions can bend to your style – as long as you stick to any rules regarding attire in the workplace.

Five: Remember That Less is More

Once you’ve found your unique style, it can be tempting to go wild by filling your wardrobe with clothes that finally suit your tastes. The only thing this will do is cause you to wear your favourite items less as you have more to choose from. If you’re in a hurry, you’ll be more likely to stress about what to wear than if you kept your wardrobe limited and full of only the items you like. Learn to appreciate each piece by creating various outfits from the same rotation of clothes. This is more fun than overwhelming yourself and wasting money.

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