Keeping Your Memories Safe

You’ll know from some of my previous posts that I consider myself a ‘Memory Keeper’. I document our important family moments in Project Life scrapbooks and keep mementos from both mine and the little man’s life.

The problem I usually have though, is where to keep them safe. I have various storage boxes dotted around the house and loft and some of the more important things in drawers.  However, as we make more memories, finding space to store them and keep them safe is difficult.

Over the years, families grow, more memories are made and it becomes more important to record you memories. It feels like your children grow up in the blink of an eye so taking photos and keeping other keepsakes are a great way to look back when they’re old, remembering their younger years.

I’ve kept lots of things from the little mans life so far –

My positive pregnancy tests

Scan pictures

Hospital bracelet

The clip from his unbilical cord ( I actually have no idea why I kept this, but it’s wrapped up in a little bag)

Hair from his first hair cut

A million photographs

His first drawings

All of his first birthday cards

Things from our first family holiday

Various items of clothing and blankets from his first few months

We were broken into last year and lost a lot of the little mans baby photographs that were stored on a laptop. Since then, I’ve been more mindful of printing off pictures and creating photo books or albums. It also means we’re more likely to sit down together as a family and look back through them, reminiscing about the adventures we’ve had and how much we’ve changed over the years.

As well as the things I’ve kept from the little man’s childhood, I have things from my own. The picture above is my very first soft toy ‘Bunny’. He was given to me when I was just a few hours old and still in hospital. He’s almost 34 years old and started off fluffy and pink. From love and cuddles over the years, he’s now grey and threadbare. I was inseparable from him when I was a child and he still lives in my underwear drawer now.

This year the little man starts school, so there will be new memories and many more ‘firsts’. I’ll carry on collecting memories which we can look at together as he gets older and hopefully something he’ll be able to show his future children and partner.


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  1. 5th July 2018 / 11:36 am

    This is lovely!

    I love that you still have your bunny teddy! Reminds me of my dad with his little ted, the limbs and head of which were all sewn on by my grandma 40 years ago!

    Best wishes, Summer xx

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