The Benefits of Buying Designer Clothes for Your Children

It’s that time of year when I start daydreaming of the warmer months ahead. To each their own coping mechanism, but one thing I personally love doing is checking out the Spring and Summer fashion trends for boys and starting to think up a new wardrobe. This year, a few designer brands for children are on my radar, which appeared after I started becoming more and more interested in ways we can reduce our ecological footprint as a family. Today, I’d like to present you with some of the benefits of buying kids’ designer clothes and how it can help us do our share for the environment.

These days, we tend to forget the value and comfort of well-tailored pieces and are more easily tempted by cheap clothes from stores that do not seek to offer quality and durability, but instead cater to mass consumption. And it’s easy to see why — we know our wee ones will often outgrow their outfit before they can get enough use out of it! Fashion has become so much more accessible in the last few years, but fast fashion has a serious social and ecological impact. Choosing children’s designer brands when buying a few staples your child will wear regularly is a wise decision on so many levels.

What Is Fast Fashion?

Fast fashion is a term used to illustrate high street brands’ tendencies to design their collections so that they are as disposable as possible. Cheaply priced products are perpetually produced at the runway trends’ bleeding edge — of course, they’re not meant to be carried from one season to another by us consumers.

To respond quickly to trends, brands must be able to manufacture quickly. This involves drawing simple clothes that will be easy to produce as quickly — and cheaply — as possible. This often means brands skimp on material and manufacturing costs, with clothes being made in countries where the labour cost is low and the number of garments made by the hour is high. There are so many social and environmental issues stemming from this trend — you can watch The True Cost to find out more.

Just because creative fashion for kids is more ethical doesn’t mean it’s necessarily over your budget. In fact, it’s so much more affordable than you might believe. Buying a few key items for your child and adopting a “quality over quantity” frame of mind can benefit you — and others — in so many ways.

Promote Sustainable Consumption

The idea is to buy less but to buy durable, high-quality items. Surely, I’m not the only one whose child has a few favourite items he wishes he could wear every single day? Those are the items you want to invest in. Worried they will outgrow them too fast? Those pieces will last for years without getting damaged, so pass them on to a relative, save them for your next or donate them (and look to charity shops for your own needs, too — you’d be surprised at what you can find!) This consumption method is called a circular economy and not only is it kind to the environment, but it’s also great for your wallet!

The Actual True Cost

How are children’s clothes so cheap on the high street? How is this achieved? Who pays the difference? There must be someone, somewhere, who pays in some way, whether that’s in the quality of their working conditions, their health or their freedom. And, unfortunately, someone is paying for you. Garments made available by well-known brands are often made in Asia for a fraction of what they are sold for in store.

By buying your children’s clothes locally from a designer, not only are you contributing to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions related to transportation, but you’re also ensuring that fair prices are paid to the people doing the hard work. On top of this, you’ll have wonderfully designed and original clothes your kids will love wearing day in, day out.


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