How to put together an Easter Egg hunt

Who doesn’t enjoy hunting for Easter eggs? It’s an excuse to get outdoors, away from technology and hunt for something delicious!

As soon as the little man was old enough we created our own simple Easter egg hunt in the garden, since then we’ve expanded a little and used nearby woodland, fields and even our local National Trust estate.

Creating your own Easter egg hunt doesn’t need to be difficult. Here are some simple tips for creating a fun Easter egg hunt for your small people –

Plan your route

Depending on the age of your children will probably help you decide on your route. You don’t want a hunt that covers miles and miles if you have toddlers. You could choose your garden if you have very small children or perhaps your local woods if you have older, more adventurous children. Either way, ensure you’ve picked a safe location and check for anything dangerous in advance.

Decide on your clues

Do you want your Easter egg hunt to be a quick hunt for chocolate or will you write and hide cryptic clues for your hunters? Tailor your hunt to your audience and their attention spans.

Choose your treasure

What will you be hiding? Shop bought chocolate eggs, home made Easter treats or perhaps something a little more unusual?

Preparation is key

Make sure your hunters have something to carry their treasure in. That might mean a basket or bag, you could even ask them to create their own as party of the Easter egg hunt.

Be prepared to move your hunt at short notice

The UK weather is never very reliable so be prepared to move your Easter egg hunt indoors at short notice. Rather then being rained off completely, you could hide treasure around the house instead, just remember where you’ve put things as puddles of melted chocolate in three weeks time won’t be very fun.

What will you be doing at Easter this year?

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