DJ Vs Live Band: Which Is Better For Your Wedding?

So you have started to organise your wedding. One of the first things you might search for is the perfect wedding dress. Then comes the venue, catering, transportation and, of course, the entertainment. But when it comes to the reception entertainment, how do you know whether to choose a live band or a DJ? Often, this is down to personal preference, but if you are still unsure, here is a list of the pros for each that might help you to decide:



A wedding DJ is undeniably a popular choice due to the variety of music that they can play. A great way of ending the night, they can do requests, change up the music depending on the mood and can take breaks without having to stop the music. At the end of the night, often people will just want to dance and listen to cheesy music – and a DJ is perfect for this. A DJ also tends to be a lot cheaper than a live band (depending on who you hire of course), meaning you can spend more money on other aspects of your day. They will get everyone on the dancefloor and can even play your first dance song. This is just some of the reasons that many people favour a DJ over a live band.


As they only play recorded songs, you might not get the same atmosphere that a live band would have given. It is less authentic and more fabricated, making the live entertainment very similar to other weddings you might have attended. Some DJ’s might also not have the personality to make the entertainment unique. To ensure this doesn’t happen, you will want to meet them before and vet them.

Live Band


Hiring a live band has many benefits that mean that it is the chosen form of entertainment by many. Firstly, a live band can create a buzzing atmosphere that makes your wedding reception feel like a mini concert. As you can choose the type of genre of music and listen to the band before you hire them, you can ensure that they are playing the type of music that you like and that their music will entertain you and your guests. A live band can also adjust to the mood and play a mixture of acoustic and more upbeat songs – when it comes time for your first dance, you are guaranteed a beautiful song that will make your first dance incredible. If you are looking for a wedding band, this website is a great resource to use.


Unlike DJ’s live bands don’t really take requests. They usually follow a genre, but decide on the music themselves. This limitation can mean that your favourite songs aren’t being played. Also, a live band will require frequent breaks, meaning that there will be moments when the room is silent – this can put a damper on the reception. They also can be quite expensive and require a lot of space to perform – these are important things to consider when looking into hiring one for your wedding.

Overall, it’s your decision whether you want a DJ or a live band for your wedding. Your wedding entertainment is an essential part of your day and therefore you want to be happy with what you have chosen. If you are still unsure whether you want a DJ or a live band, have you considered having both? Of course, this depends on your budget. But if it allows it, a combination of both of them is a wonderful idea. You can get the best of both worlds – a more relaxed performance by a band in the early evening (perfect for your first dance) and a more cheesy, performance by a DJ at night.

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