Ways to make your driveway look as appealing as your garden

It’s not just your garden that makes the exterior of your home look good, your driveway gives the first impression of your home, often known as ‘kerb appeal’. Your driveway can make the approach to your house appealing and attractive to visitors and you don’t have to make huge changes to make it look amazing.

A well thought-out driveway will take into account the space you have, your available options and of course your car-parking needs.

Here are some simple ways to make your driveway look amazing –

Keep driveways and paving clean and well maintained

Keeping your driveway and paving clean will make a huge difference to the outside of your property. Investing in a good quality power washer and regularly washing any paving or brickwork will keep your property exterior looking smart and tidy. Regularly picking up leaves and other dirt will prevent your drive way from staining.

Keep your borders and edges neat and tidy

S G S Engineering have a great range of electric cutters and electric grass strimmers which can help you achieve a great finish around your borders and edges. Using a strimmer can help keep weeds at bay and trim back any smaller bushes or shrubs. If you try and keep on top of your edges and check them on a weekly basis , they will require less work as they won’t have a chance to grow.

Less is more

Keep your driveway simple with a minimalist approach. Try not stick to simple pots and plants, preferably of only a few varieties. It will mean they’re easier to look after and don’t look cluttered and messy. If you’re short on space but would still like to make a statement, consider hanging baskets instead.

Stay on top of paintwork and protection

Regularly painting and keeping on top of protecting fences and walls in the colder months will ensure your driveway is well maintained and requires less maintenance or repair work.

Hide your bin

Try and keep your bin off your driveway if you can, or consider a bin store to store it away safely.

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