Back-To-School Essentials for Primary School Children

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We might only be two weeks into the 6 weeks holidays but we all know how quickly they fly by so it’s never too early to start the ‘back to school’ preparations.

I like to be prepared for the return to school in advance, I hate the thought of running round the shops, realising everywhere is out of stock for the sizes or colours that we need the night before the new term starts.

Whether your little one is starting school in September or you just need a little reminder, this little check list might help you remember the essentials.



Although our school uniform is compulsory, they are quite relaxed with logos and colours. The children all need to look smart but they don’t HAVE to wear jumpers with the school logo so we tend to buy a mixture of things from the school, high street and online.

* Shirts/Polo shirts – 6, one for each day of the school week and a spare.

* Trousers/shorts – 3 pairs of trousers and 2 pairs of shorts.

* Jumpers – 2 with school logo and 2 without.

* A tie

* PE Kit – t shirt, shorts and a pair of plimsolls

* School socks

* A suitable coat – we usually buy a thicker, warmer coat and a thin mac type jacket which we primarily use for school i.e they’re the ones that come home covered in mud at least once a week.


Shoes are usually one of the last things I buy. I always worry he may have a slight growth spurt, so try and leave them until a couple of weeks before the start of the new term. I’ll be honest, Big E has had the same brand and style of school shoes for the last four sizes. They work for us, last well and he tells me that they’re comfortable. I buy his school shoes online as it saves time and quite often, money, we just move up to the next size when necessary.


Big E loves choosing a new bag for going back to school. Last years was a slightly ridiculous and very eye-catching, large dinosaur tail alternated with one emblazoned with skulls. It’s important to make sure it’s big enough for books, PE kit and the endless crafts and ‘gifts’ they bring home.


Big E is moving up to Year 1 this year so will be able to take in his own pencil case. He spent ages deliberating over the style and design before settling on a rather grown up Jurassic Park number with a matching pencil and eraser.


Don’t forget to purchase good quality name labels!

You won’t believe the amount of things that disappear at school so make sure you label EVERYTHING! We user a name stamper with permanent ink and it works perfectly. It’s slightly pricier that iron on or stick on labels but much more effective and is guaranteed to last for years.

What are your back to school essentials?

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