7 tips to get over jet lag

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What is jet lag?

It is a condition that happens when you journey quickly between time zones and your body’s natural circadian rhythm is thrown out of sync as a result.

Since your body’s circadian rhythm is responsible for managing sleep and wake times, jet lag can see you struggling to sleep at night while longing for a nap during the day. Here are some tried-and-tested ways you can alleviate jet lag…

Avoid alcohol and caffeine before going to bed

Medical News Daily has shared a number of recommendations from the National Sleep Foundation for how to mitigate jet lag — including that you avoid alcohol or caffeine intake for roughly 3-4 hours before you are set to settle into bed for the new time zone’s nighttime.

Eat light meals or snacks

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) urges you to resist consuming heavy or spicy meals in the 2-3 hours before you attempt to fall asleep.

If you do feel hunger pangs in that time, you ought to stick to light meals or snacks, as these would be easier for your body to digest and less likely to disrupt your sleep.

Resist the temptation to nap for long periods

This is another of the earlier-mentioned pieces of advice put forward by the National Sleep Foundation.

The recommendation here is that, if you do need a lap, you limit it to less than two hours and try to have it only in the early afternoon.

Let there be light — natural light, that is

Healthline explains: “Jet lag interrupts your internal clock in part because your exposure to light changes when you travel and change time zones.”

You should therefore seek opportunities — as far as practically possible — to increase your exposure to sunlight. However, make sure you still take suitable safety measures, like wearing protective clothing and applying sunscreen.

Engage in physical exercise

The above-implied beneficial effect of exposure to sunlight would be a good incentive for you to go travelling on a cruise ship rather than a plane.

Another plus point of this strategy is that it would free up more time for you to spend on physical exercise, which can also be effective at reducing jet lag. Through booking online, you can get the best silversea cruises that provide access to such onboard fitness amenities as swimming pools.

Brush your teeth after arriving at the hotel

Travel writer Ramsey Qubein, who flies more than 40,000 miles annually, advocates brushing your teeth as a surprisingly effective way of waking yourself up.

Qubein has also said as quoted by Reader’s Digest: “If you have time, take a shower. It helps your body to stay hydrated.”

Practice mindfulness

During your travels, you should set aside time to look after yourself. You could consider meditation and gentle yoga.

Dr Craig Tanio, a former chairman of the Maryland Healthcare Commission, has advised Reader’s Digest readers: “Stay at hotels with sauna and massage nearby — and make sure to budget time for them to help your body recover.”


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