Review Howdah Peppered Banana chips and Peanut Pakoras

These were waiting on the doormat when we got back from our wedding/holiday. I couldn’t wait to have a try. Hubby and I both like to try weird and wonderful things, especially anything spicy so we were excited to spot these – a competition win from
Unfortunately I think these are just a little TOO weird and wonderful for us.


The Peanut Pakoras
Roasted nuts wrapped in a spicy, crispy case
The nuts look like your typical dry roasted peanuts but are VERY strong. They are coated very thickly with flavouring. The packet states they’re infused with chilli, nutmeg, black pepper, cardomom and black salt.
The pepper is very obvious, to the point it caught my throat and made me cough 🙁 The taste was ok, but it could have done with being about half as strong. The flavour was just too much for me, and my hubby said they gave him heart burn.

The packet for these was huge – the blurb on the packet claims there is 40g inside, but the packaging seems exceedingly excessive for the amount of product inside.



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