A sensible/grown up/boring shopping haul

A sensible/grown up/boring shopping haul
Long gone are the days when a ‘haul’ consisted of pretty dresses, ridiculously high heeled shoes and excessive amounts of expensive make up.
Now a successful shop consists of something practical for the house, some cute for The Little Man or something essential for me or hubby! How life changes.
As you know I was recently lucky enough to win £1000 of John Lewis vouchers.
It would have been amazing to blow them all on a posh bag, some new clothes and make up but I’m just too sensible now, and as I’m on maternity leave I didn’t want to use all the vouchers together ‘just in case’ any broke before I go back to work.
There was no chance of me spending them all on me anyway as we NEED some new house bits.
After a complete nightmare with John Lewis customer service our order finally got delivered, is it sad that my new kettle excites me?!

Our kettle has been on the blink for yonks, I think it was a little possessed, boiling when it liked and scaring the life out of me so I picked this sexy Hotpoint digital one. I’d have liked a toaster to match but sadly John Lewis didn’t have any so I went for the Morphy Richards one.

Then I remembered I’d accidentally broken the glass jug on our coffee maker so found a reasonably priced Morphy Richards one that matches the toaster. We also needed a new George Foreman grill so I picked this pretty silver one, it’s so much better than our last one because you can take the plates off to wash.

No shop is complete without something for the Little Man. I picked the
Sophie la giraffe teether after hearing so many good things about them. Though if I’m honest it does look and feel a lot like a dog toy. I also ordered the knitter T rex toy. It’s so cute! The Little Man has loads of dinosaur toys already (hubby is obsessed with them). I can’t wait until he’s older and we can do his ‘big boy room’. I know my husband is desperate for him to love dinosaurs as much as he does.

I also picked up a couple of bits for me. Some Estee Lauder foundation and a buggy buddy clip. Seriously any parents reading this, you NEED one of these things! They’re amazing. I was previously using some Little Tikes stroller hooks that were made of plastic. They didn’t last long with the weight of our change bag but these are super strong and a fab price. I’ve got two now, one on each side of the pram handles. I like how the clip fastens too, meaning its more difficult for your bags to be stolen.


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  1. 19th April 2014 / 4:50 pm

    I love the kettle and toaster! I have just bought my first house and need things like that to make my kitchen look super glam! (Atm we have my mams old kettle and a asda own brand toaster…not exactly dinner party material)

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