Fully furnished without the hassle

Fully furnished without the hassle

Some of you may know this, but most probably won’t. I can now officially use BSC Hons Social Policy and Criminology at the end of my name. I’m pleased to say I completed and passed my degree. Not to boast but I’m actually quite impressed with myself, I did the last two years of it whilst working full time, planning a wedding, getting married, being pregnant, having a baby and looking after a baby. I feel a little like Super Woman!

I feel I missed out on the university experience a little, I worked all the time I studied (no student debts is almost as nice as being able to say I have a degree) so didn’t need to move into dorms or anything and as I was a little older I’d have probably been the weird old lady in the corner. My son saw my wild partying days off.

I imagine moving into student accommodation is pretty daunting. Moving into a strange house or room with strange people to start a course you know very little about. Anxiety levels through the roof!

I don’t know about you but I love my own ‘things’, whether it be my own bed or massive pile of jumbled clutter it’s mine and it makes me feel safe. Sometimes it’s just not feasible to have you own things with you so David Philips have come up with a unique idea to make your student digs a home from home. 

Amongst other things David Philips offers short or medium term furniture rental packages which are suitable for a variety of people including landlords, building developers with show homes and particularly students. After all who wants to live in a room with mismatched, inadequate furniture that may have been left by the previous occupiers?!

An example from the Essential package

The rental packages that they offer range from the budget friendly ‘Essential’ packages right up to the more exclusive ‘Prime’ packages which if available can be installed within 72 hours. There is literally a package for everyone .. and their individual budget. 

An example from the Prime package
A furniture rental package seems an ideal solution for those in temporary accommodation, particularly students. It’s quite rare for a student to remain in the area in which they attend Uni, so it makes little sense buying enough furniture to kit out at least a room or at most a house. When Uni is over what are you going to do with it? It would cost a fortune transporting it to the other end of the country, which means you left with either giving it away or trying to sell it, which is a massive hassle in itself. 
Not only can you rent furniture from David Philips you can rent accessories which means no more days wasted wandering aimlessly round Ikea or a idly flicking through the Argos catalogue. You can decorate your home with the click of a mouse! 
If you’re off to Uni in September I’d seriously suggest sitting down and looking at the options for furniture renting, your parents will be that surprised by how sensible you’re being then may even offer to pay!

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