Primark baby shopping haul

Primark baby shopping haul
We’ve recently gone into the next size in clothing. The little man is now into 6-9 months clothes but quite terrifyingly, 9-12 months in some brands.
Despite the fact I have only two months left of Statutory Maternity pay before going onto absolutely nothing and I should be saving every penny, I just can’t help buying pretty clothes for my little fella. 
Primark appear to be getting better and better with both the quality and the range of baby and children’s wear every time I visit.  Not only are the clothes trendy and good quality they’re also extremely cheap compared to some of the other high street brands. 

I love the blue polo shirt with boats printed on it. It’s really cute and looks fab with both shorts or trousers. £3 is a great price and even if the little man grows out of it quickly I don’t mind too much as it’s hardly broke the bank. 

The other little t shirts are great. They’re made from quite thick cotton which wash well and look great on. You certainly can’t go wrong for a couple of quid each. 

When we’re in the house the little man lives in these lounge leggings. They give him freedom to move, especially now that he’s shuffling and dragging himself round the floor. They’re soft and stretchy and allow easy nappy changes. 
This reindeer printed wool jumper is so sweet. I bought a slightly larger size so hopefully it’ll still fit him around Christmas time. I’m a complete sucker for Christmas jumpers, especially on children. 
You may have noticed from previous clothing posts, the little man has quite a selection of dinosaur related attire. Blame his Daddy. Daddy is a complete dinosaur geek so when we see anything dinosaur related it ends up in the basket. God help the little man if he doesn’t like dinosaurs when he’s older. I’m not sure how his Daddy will cope!
The body warmer was a bargain at £6 and it looks great on. It’s a little too big at the moment, which is perfect because it’ll be ideal for when autumn has kicked in properly and the weather starts to get colder. 
I hate baby shoes. The stress me out but these ones are really cute and because they have Velcro fastenings I can tighten them to help stop them falling off. 

Another favourite of mine is this coat. It’s fleece line and looks really sweet. It’s another thing perfectly suited for autumn as although it’s fleece lined it isn’t too thick. 

Now, I really must stay away from Primark before I buy more pretty clothes for my little monster.



  1. 24th August 2014 / 7:27 pm

    I'm so jealous! My local Primark has gorgeous girl clothes but absolute rubbish for boys! I love the red coat and also the grey trousers, I'm in desperate need of those!xx #BabyBabble

  2. 11th September 2014 / 4:54 pm

    ooooh stop right there! this is too cute! Our local Primark has nowhere near this much of a choice in the baby section. Might have to nip the bus into town instead and pick some of these up. You just can't moan at the price can you?

    Thanks for linking to the last #babybabble, I'm really sorry it's taken so long to come back and comment and I know there have been a few absent weeks, it's been an incredibly sad time for me at the moment. I'm getting back to it now though – slowly but surely 🙂 xx

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