Baby update – 1 year!

Baby update – 1 year!

My little monkey is 1! How did that happen?!

He turned 1 on the 6th of February. This has officially been the quickest but best year of my life. I still look at the little man sometimes in awe, it’s crazy that Hubby and I created him.

Baby playing with the hoover


He’s full of fun now and into EVERYTHING. There’s not a moment that he’s still. From getting up to bed time he’s investigating, pulling things out and generally causing a mess. He’s so funny. He’s generally a happy little man who doesn’t cry very often.

He took his very first unaided steps last night. He walked around 4 steps without holding onto anything and was super excited afterwards. He’s been standing for longer and longer periods of time without holding on but last night was the first time he’d taken any steps.

He now says ‘yeah yeah’, ‘uh oh’ and will wave when you say hiya or bye.

He still says words and makes noises in his sleep, it’s so cute to watch.

His favourite toys are his wooden building blocks and his My Pal Scout toy. He’s a huge fan of anything noisy too.

Dirty baby in the bath


He’s been fine this month. It’s been a welcome change.

He’s now got three teeth at the bottom and two at the top, thankfully he hasn’t really had any issues with teething.

We haven’t had him weighed for a while, last time he was weighed he was nearing the 22lb mark. I’m confident he’s still gaining weight and seems healthy enough.

wide eyed baby


He is most happy feeding himself. He will try anything but his favourites are still cucumber and bread. He has an 8 oz bottle on a morning, three meals and then an 8 oz bottle before bed.

He will only drink water and still isn’t really a fan of anything to sweet. He much prefers savoury food and apparently doesn’t like cake, which I found out during a ‘Cake Smash’ photo shoot.

sleeping baby


He’s back in his cot properly and is sleeping well. He either sleeps right through or sometimes wakes around 4am for a small bottle. This tends to be when he hasn’t finished off his tea, so I suspect he thinks he needs feeding. He still wakes up between 7-8 on a morning and no longer has a bottle and goes back to sleep, one he’s awake, that’s it now.

He will have one or two naps a day, usually around 11am and 3pm. Sometimes he refuses both and becomes Sir WhingeAlot.

At the zoo

What we’ve done this month

We celebrated his very first birthday on the 6th. It was our departure day for our trip to Bluestone in Wales and we had intended on driving straight home but decided on an overnight stop in Chester which meant we could make a trip to the zoo. We spent his birthday looking at Monkeys and feeling bats whizz round our heads!

He’s been to his first birthday party, my friends little girl turned 1 two days after him so he was a guest at her birthday party.

We’ve visited the soft play that he loves and he’s been to Beamish with his Dad. We’ve also been out on his trike when the weather has been warm enough.

He went for a birthday cake smash photoshoot last week. It didn’t go as well as I’d hoped. He hardly touched the cake and point blank refused to play with it or smile. I’ll share some photos of my little misery guts when I get them.


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