Maid Simple cleaning products

Maid Simple cleaning products

Cleaning is by no means a hobby of mine. Obviously its a necessity but it’s never really been something I enjoy. I am always keen to try anything out that may reduce the length of time it takes me to clean, or something that might make cleaning a little less traumatic.

The lovely people at Maid Simple Products sent me some of their product range to try out. They’re a family business based in the UK with experience in the cleaning business of over 20 years.

Maid Simple cleaning products

I was sent the Furniture Polish (£4.99), Bathroom Cleaner (£3.99), Glass and Mirror Cleaner (£3.99), Kitchen Cleaner (£3.99) and Shower Cleaner (£3.99).

Maid Simple cleaning products

The products all have quite a vintage girly look too them. The pastel shade bottles are rather eye catching and make a welcome change to the harsh vivid colours of my other cleaning product bottles. 

Maid Simple Cleaning products

Whats rather unique about Maid Simple products is their fantastic scents. They’re by no means your traditional cleaning products. There’s no synthetic lemon or putrid pine smells here. With scents like Sweet spice and Sherbert fizz amongst the range, I was actually quite excited to give them a go.

Maid Simple cleaning products

The spray action bottles are simple to use, even with wet hands and I’ve had no issues with leakages or spills while they’ve been stored in the cupboard between uses.

As there are no harsh smells or headache creating fumes, the products are actually a pleasure to use. They clean well, I particularly like how sparkly the Kitchen cleaner makes my kitchen sink area. The mirror and glass cleaner is another favourite. I’ve been using it on my kitchen unit fronts which unfortunately are glossy red. They are a nightmare for marks and streaks and I really struggle to keep them shiny and streak free. The mirror and glass cleaner is great, not only do my cupboards smell of sea grass and lotus they are gleaming.

Maid Simple hints and tips

I love the little tips and suggestions on the rear of the product bottles. I enjoyed having a read during the use of each product. I also love the fact that they recommend I have friends round for tea and cake!

I’ve really enjoyed using the Maid Simple products, they really are quite different to anything else on the market. I love their fun scents and pretty packaging and of course the fact they leave your home gleaming.

Check Maid Simple out, there’s also a chance to win £50 of pamper vouchers if your sign up to their newsletter. 

They have a stockist finder on their website too, so you can check locally to see where you can buy the products, my local stockists are all independent stores but you can also buy the range online. 

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