Bathtime fun with Munchkin

Bathtime fun with Munchkin

Bath time has always been the little mans favourite part of the day. He’s loved it since he was a tiny baby and has no fear of the water. He’ll happily spend an hour splashing away, playing with his toys and chuckling away to himself. It’s become a fun part of our daily routine.

The Scrubby and squeegee friends set is great for kids. It’s debatable whether the little man enjoys ‘cleaning’ the side of the bath and tiles or just sucking water from it!

The super cool little Safety fire ducky is a great bath time addition. I don’t know about you but I struggle to get the temperature right at bath time. I’m always worried that it’s too hot or too cold. This handy little duck solves any temperature issues – he has a simple to read safety indicator on his bottom which illuminates if the bath water is too hot for your little person.

The little man is obsessed with his collection of squirtin farmyard friends, particularly the fact they can squirt Mammy and Daddy in the face! The bath is filled with them every night. He loves lining them up along the edge of the bath and then pushing them into the water.

The Scooper Hooper is a firm favourite. He likes to use it to catch the squirtin farmyard animals, his feet or the bottles of bubble bath he’s dragged into the bath. The Scooper Hopper can also be stuck to the side of the bath with a little suction pad and used as a net. Daddy has taught the Little man to ‘Slam Dunk’ and if you say it to him he’ll put anything he can get hold of through the net.
Munchkin have a great range of new bath toys on their website if you’re looking for something fun to add to your little persons bath time.
*I was gifted the items from Munchkin as I am part of their blogger panel.*

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