Practical summer travelling with Thule

Practical summer travelling with Thule

Now the summer is here, families are packing up for weekend trips and summer holidays. UK travel often means long journeys, stressed parents, irritable children and a car jam packed with travel essentials. 

The amount of things a small family needs to take on holiday is larger than you may think. Even being completely ruthless and taking only the bare necessities, the car fills up very quickly and leaves little space for a comfortable journey. Every item has it’s place and every space is completely filled. It’s a stressful task which can easily be likened to a game of Tetris.

Thule have come up with something to give you back your elbow space, reduce the need to sit surrounded by bags of clothes and the ability to see out of your rear window. 

The Thule Touring roof box is available in 5 sizes suitable for most cars. The boxes have dual side opening and are easy to mount onto your car. The side opening allows luggage to be easily loaded or unloaded, and reduces the need to play ‘boot Tetris’. Each box even has it’s own central locking system which offers reassurance if your car is parked unattended in unfamiliar surroundings.  
If you really do have to take the kitchen sink on holiday, the Thule Motion may be more your thing. Rated as the best car roof box on the market by the Independent in 2014, it’s available in three sizes. Ideal for safely transporting even the most excessive packers worldly goods. It’s design means space is used efficiently whilst still being aesthetically pleasing. 

“Thule Group is a world leader in products that make it easy to bring the things you care for – easily, securely and in style, when living an active life. Under the motto Active Life, Simplified, they offer products within three segments: Outdoor & Bags (e.g. equipment for cycling, water and winter sports, roof boxes, bike trailers, baby joggers, laptop and camera bags, backpacks and cases for mobile handheld devices),Towing (tow bars) and Speciality (snow chains and pick-up truck tool boxes)”. 

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