Things to consider when buying a TV

Things to consider when buying a TV

When you’re in the market for a new TV it’s a potential mind field of resolution, size, type of screen and other terminology I know very little about. Choosing the right TV to suit your needs can be time consuming and a bit of a headache.

Try and work out what you want to pay and stick within budget. It’s easy to be dazzled by features and pretty buttons but this may result in you spending more than you can really afford.

Measure the gap you have for your new TV BEFORE you purchase a new one. Just because a 60 inch TV looks amazing in store, doesn’t necessarily mean it will look quite as good on the wall in your two bed roomed semi.

Make sure your TV will be secure and away from wandering hands. I’m sure you don’t want a broken TV or a squashed child. It’s worth considering mounting your TV on the wall, as it reduces the likelihood of it falling.

TVs are scarily complicated pieces of equipment which are by no means cheap. Ensuring you have up to date insurance and warranty is important to cover all eventualities.

Type of TV
You need to choose a TV that suits your own personal needs. There’s no point in buying a top of the range Smart TV if you have poor internet connectivity and no interest in streaming services.  On the other hand there’s also no point buying a basic TV with limited features to then realise a few weeks down the line that you need to purchase extra products such as set top to increase the features to match you needs.

There are so many different types of TV now, it’s very easy to become confused. This helpful infographic from Panasonic explains about the latest type of TV to come onto the market and the amazing advanced features if offers.


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