Eureka with Graham and Brown

Eureka with Graham and Brown
As you know I’m a Graham and Brown Ambassador and I’ve been covering
their trends each month on my blog. I’ve already covered Northern Rose,
Precious and Popsicle.
This months trend from Graham and Brown is ‘Eureka’.
“The Eureka trend is a chance to create, delight
and wonder, offering the opportunity to inspire others through your own
interior design ventures. Creating a sudden, unexpected realisation to all
those who enter the doors to your humble abode on how they can represent their
own characteristics with colour and vibrancy.“
The Eureka Trend.
Eureka is about bright eye catching designs, inspirational focal points and something that will take your breath away.
The wallpapers below are some of my favourites from the Graham and Brown website. I love all of the designs below, particularly the beautiful Mermaid Moonbeam wallpaper, imagine that as a feature wall in your living room.
If I’m honest most of the rooms in our house are quite neutral. Our Eureka moments are mainly kept to accessories and wall hangings or prints. The colours are bright but in much smaller doses, I suppose, more eureka injections!
We’re actually in the process of updating out living room. It’s currently a rather bland dark magnolia, with a matching beige sofa. I’ve put together some colour ideas on a Pinterest board which you can look at here.
We have a smaller bright green checked sofa which I love, so we’re getting rid of the dull beige sofa and buying a brighter green one and painting the walls yellow.

I think the fabulously unique Fishes mustard wallpaper would make great feature wall in our new colour scheme, giving our living room that eureka moment.Do you have any eureka moments in your home?


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